Body Painting

I dug up these photos of some body painting that I did recently at a birthday party.... I love the mermaid and the wings at the back of the little girl's back. That party was very fun! The little girls were all so grown up, and the mommy and daddy of the birthday girl were both very gorgeous!

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Great Photographer!

Photos taken by Thomas....
Check his portfolio out at
Look at me, I look like I am flying!

Portrait of me against a red background...

Looks really coy....

Imagine on Orchard, I was running to the 7-11 next to Takashimaya to get a drink when I suddenly met Thomas and his girlfriend... he had a cool camera with him, so I jumped for joy, literally....

He is also the best wirecraft person I know! Posted by Picasa

Map to my office

Wow! Welles drew this for me... so sweet of him to help make me such a gorgeous MAP!!!!! I love love love it.... Posted by Picasa

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Cutsie Carnies

Angeline and myself, passing off as twins of different ages and sizes! Hehe.... That was a very fun show at Takashimaya, "feast of joy" on 23rd December 2006....

It was really fun performing with her again! Haven't had so much fun in a long time... so many great moments with the audience!

We gave out a lot of prizes! We even gave away our skirts at the end of the show!

That's me, all dressed up with balloons! The cutsie carnies came about in 2001 when I learnt how to make the skirt from Jean Michel Lucie from Australia! He's a great balloon friend of mine, and each time I go to Melbourne, I would visit him! In this show, I am Cutsie while Angeline is Carnie.... punning on carnies as circus people... we do magic, balloons and crazy games with the children on stage! Real fun! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Party at my Office!

This was such a great party.... we had performing friends over... after 11pm when most shows are over,this party was a great time for us to catch up and chill out over wine.

Very wonderful a way to spend the 24th! Each time a new person came through the door, we would do a count down, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I love Christmas! The only pity is that it is now over, and I have to wait one entire year in order to have Christmas again!
Shots taken at the party! In attendance was Ace, Liseong, Kiki, Kiki's gf, Jimmy Quek, Jimmy the magician, Welles, Rick and most amazingly, LEZARD!!! He came later, after midnight, but we still did the countdown for him...

We had turkey, turkey roll and chicken ham from De Mansion...the turkey was fabulous! Not dry at all, it tasted like a huge chicken! I wonder how did people first know that turkeys can be eaten...did they run after the gobble gobble and gobble them down? Hehe...

We all had a lot of red wine, from different countries! Erm... and after I went to sleep at 2am, they continued to party and drank up everything they could find! I wish I was a better host, but I was really too tired, and went to sleep after pan frying foie gras for some of my friends...

Yup. I can cook!!!!

Here Welles is in his element...palm reading for some of the guys at the party... I feel so bad that he has to "work" for he is a palmreader by profession, and a fantastic caricaturist who draws with BOTH hands!

Well, the party was fun, the fellowship among friends even better!!

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Santarina Clown

Couldn't make up my mind to either be a clown or to be a santarina, so I was both! It was raining so heavily that day.... it''s horrible to perform at Taka though I enjoy it so much - the taxi home takes about 2 hours. I walked from Takashimaya to River Valley as a result, trying to get a cab, all this time!
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Roy and Ali

Roy is the most amazing performer! In fact, I first learn how to clown around from him... and I will never forget the moment I first started....He came up to me and can mime, want to mime with me? And it was just like that, I had the opportunity to work with such an amazing, intense performer.

He's the one on the left, wearing black.

Ali is the most amazing person I have met...He is incredibly smart, articulate, in touch with the arts and takes the most beautiful photos I've seen, besides Ken Seet. Roy's a clown by profession while Ali's a clown by nature.. he is so funny, and he can see a situation in a totally different light... that makes you laugh at his descriptions....

Roy and I in Rouge, where John Molina performs at currently....John is a great musician and I love love love him! He is a wonderful person who cares alot about his friends...I love his music too, did I mention that?

Ali and I....serious and funny with serious and funny....yup, in real life, I'm funny (I'm a clown) but pretty serious a person! While Ali is serious but pretty funny...

He was so nice to send me back even though I kept clamouring to take a cab home myself...

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Night light

Night Lights are very important to me... I never ever sleep in the dark for I am afraid of what the dark may bring... 24 hour lights always... at least for me.In the still
Of a long red night
The words kept flowing
Like bubbly Turkish wine.

Amazing spirit
Intoxicating sensuality
The essense of a being
So intense, so gifted
Sealed in a bottle
Like scented oil
Rubbed upon willing flesh
The rush so heady,
That the Day after memories
Glisten in the light of the morning

An eagle flys across the land
Alighting on whichever statue
He chooses.
And I wonder
In wonder
How many
Statues has he...

Worlds apart
In a heartbeat the craziness began and yet
How did we meet in truth?
Under the moonlit canopy
We walked and got caught
In a conversation
That i didn't want to end
Though it had to,
But I was immersed in the moment of light he captured
Wondrous beauty of lives of the world
Dreams of the seasons
In full colour.

and so it

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The last look at my first big purchase

I sold my van the other day... on the 15th of December... under utilized and the road tax, insurance was approaching again...However, I shall always remember this van...and all the memories throughout the years...Thank you Van, for being so wonderful... I loved you... Posted by Picasa

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Sweetheart the Pirate

Me with a new bird puppet! I gave the parrot away right after the show to a little girl, and she was really happy with it.. It was part of the show since it is a pirate theme....

Me looking very very pirate, complete with a patch over my eyes! This was a Pirates and Princesses theme at Club Islander, Sentosa, for LGT Bank. The people of LGTBank were really great! Very sporting, and Rosalind from HG Asia (My client for this event) brought her husband down too...and hubby was so nice as to help me hang the banners up! Posted by Picasa

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My Favourite Magician and I!

Would you believe I knew Kiki was he was just a cute little 13 year old boy magician? Now he's professional and even has his own magical effects company! He is one amazing person!!!!

I love his shows! He is innovative, entertaining, funny, etc etc etc! You have to watch his show one day.....

Or just get him for your Dinner and Dance or Family Day! Posted by Picasa


Went to Sentosa, where they have the close encounters.... you can go and see this monkey (Not the keeper!) at 3pm everyday at Palawan beach....really fun, and you can even get a picture like mine! Posted by Picasa

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Strawberry Tall cake

This is such a cute costume that MAsquerade made! Check out the details! Love this costume alot, when you put it on, you are totally transformed! Posted by Picasa

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Aurora at Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses

This is Aurora! She's 6 years old already, and she loves to dance...she's incredible! Very loving and very articulate! Sociable and fun too...So happy to have managed to spot her at the Barbie Screening...Her Daddy, Tim, is the best Santa ever! Every December, he would be Santa and we would have a great time making lots of children really happy!

I called Tim today, and Aurora told me she loved the movie and she loved taking pictures!! She is so so so so so cute! Posted by Picasa

Mum and Dad at Equinox, at what was known as Westin...Food was great and we had a bottle of red wine too! A Cab Sauv from Argentina, 2005 ...They were eating happily...very romantic...then I arrived! That's my dad and I! I just came from an incredible show at Fort Canning, it was the Barbie Moving Screening! So so so so fun! I look like a princess...
My mum, dad and myself! My mum looks really elegant in a long black dress! Posted by Picasa


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