Vivien Goh

Vivien Goh
is a link to my poem, written as part of Project Equinox, "The EQUINOX,when the day equals the nights and the globe is in perfect gravitational balance, is the perfect metaphor for equality and harmony in the world. We therefore chose the Autumnal Equinox 1996 to launch a project to promote world peace through poetry, Project Equinox. "

That was about ten years ago... Wow, am really feeling very old today. I keep thinking I'm 27, but within the blink of an eye, I am actually going to be 29 years old this year. So scary.... where did the years fly to?

I was watching "i, Robot" at home (Chinese New Year lar!) when I realised that 2036 isn't really that far away... I will be 50 plus...then I started thinking that I don't want to die... I want to live forever. And ever.

How can I live forever? Pen my soul into the machines and hope that the site will outlive me? I must do something meaningful with my life (No, no matter what everyone else says, having children is NOT the only way to ensure your own continuity, and I will not have kids for that reason. I know me, I am messy, disorganized and can forget the time when I am engrossed in a book or working. If I have a child, he or she might not get the attention and love that he or she deserves. Anyway, there are so many children with no parents out there, if I do want a child in future, I will probably adopt.) I must live forever... can the scientists ever find a way? I am getting so morose and morbid here. Thinking of death is depressing, I am so scared of that final moment, where you are not dead yet, but can feel yourself dying, your life flashing before your eyes, thinking of those you love and how you will never see them in the physical form again...

I am scared, really scared.

Home of the West Wind

Home of the West Wind
This was my very first website, created exactly 10 years ago in 1996! Wow, that is pretty monumental, considering I created the site using notepad, at that time! Frames didn't even exist then, look at how far the web has advanced since then!

I was really young, but was written about in The Straits Times as well as magazines like Teenage already...all due to Cyberart, a term I created to describe turning the PC into works of art by painting on Monitors, Keyboards, Mouses and CPUs! I was on Channel 5, "Diary Of A young Singaporean"(D.A.Y.S) and Computer Times featured a huge picture of the computer mouses that I put on display on a chair, in my friend's booth at PC World....

This is quite a memory, and I will try to scan or take pictures of the articles I was on!

Namecards done!

My Firefly Car Care Namecards, Front and Back! Nice not? I designed it myself...after a lot of reminding from Shasha...hehe I get sidetracked very easily and forget stuff alot, so I am glad Shasha is there to remind and prod me to do stuff! This is the third day of new year, and I went visiting on the first day, which is a Sunday...

New year doesn't feel like New Year this year, for some strange reason. Maybe I am growing older, and my younger married sister started giving Angpows... (which I accepted really quickly, for fear she might change her mind about giving me not one, but two!) Maybe it is due to the fact that I have so few shows for the new year this year...Oh well, let's not think of the depressing bits...

It was fun meeting my relatives again, and for the first time, I had a full conversation with my grandfather in Hokkien! People should come up with Hokkien clsses or something.... I am resigned to the fact that I will never have a philosophical conversation with my grandfather, and that my first hokkien conversation is all about a bird that I am keeping certainly shows alot about my relationship with my grandpa. I wish I could hear his stories sometimes, since he has lived more than 90 years and can still remember everything that happened. If I could, I would want to ask him about his life, why did he take two wives and do nothing when the younger wife was cast out into the world, left to her own devices to fend for herself while his older wife kept the children to raise as her own. I would ask him if he married for love. I would ask how he built a business from almost nothing... where did he come from? So many Whys and Hows.....

I guess these are things that I can never ask him, since my Hokkien is limited to eat, drink and goodbye. But I ask, knowing how to talk about my birds would be a first step!

Someone really should start a class!

I love watching soccer

Yup, you read that right! There is something really fun about watching soccer actually... But I only enjoy the game if their are goals. I HATE watching games where balls keep bouncing off the goal post, defenders keep kicking balls away from the goal and attackers who keep losing
their ball too easily. (I've seen better in school soccer fields!) Imagine, 1 week ago, I saw Arsenal (lousy kelong team!) win a game, 7-0 against middlesborough. Today, it lost to Everton with a 0-1. How is that possible? Needless to say, I enjoyed the first game better, even
though a lot of people (I heard from a friend) lost loads of money on that game.

The most memorable soccer game that I watched was when Singapore WON the
Malaysian Cup
. After that year, they kicked us out of the cup, but who cares? S League was born! And we left on a winning note! I collected many books of soccer cards of the dream team that won the cup, and I have full sets, including the shiny metallic cards that are so hard to find. If you are thinking of buying a piece of history, email me or leave a comment!

I remember going to a game at Kallang stadium with my dad when I was 15 or 16... The feeling was absolutely incredible! The atmosphere was electric with anticipation, and Sarawak was playing Singapore. The Sarawak supporters brought their drums, feather head dresses, etc and we the Singaporeans, had the great Kallang Wave! And our "Ole, ole ole, ole, ole". That was so fun then... Fandi Ahmad, David Lim the goal keeper, Jang Jung, super sub Steven Tan were all my heros then. During that time, I didn't know anything about offside, foul or anything of
that sort, so I screamed with rage when Singapore players were felled by the really violent Malaysians, clapped with joy when we scored and yelled "Kelong! Refree Kayu" when the refree disallowed the goal.

What wonderful times... I went to a S league match a couple months ago, and was amazed more with the fans than with the teams. The fans were really dressed up, came with drums, had CHEERLEADERS and orderly fans sitting in a designated fans area. I imagined seeing them look like fans, electric of course, and couldn't help but giggle at that thought. They looked so neatly put their, in their beautifully barricaded area. I watched Young Lions pitch themselves against Japan's Nigata (can't remember how to spell their proper team name Albirlex or something, I
don't bet on football or anything, this is pretty good proof! Hehe, was really watching football coz I love that sport!) S League has really come a long way! But the feeling of togetherness, of being proud of our players has long disappeared in the packaging of our robotic fans, screaming and cheering for no reason except to "create" atmosphere for the other fans. I wonder if it would be possible to bring back that feeling of pride and loyalty to Singapore that I felt everytime I was at a Malaysian Cup game in the past.

Now I go to Devils to watch soccer, great beer, big plasmas and best of all, I can go dancing during half time!

Singapore Forever! Dream Team still my memory.... In this blog.. (Dun ever close down blog spot unless you give us a chance to buy our blog first ok?!)

Will see if I can take some pictures of the soccer cards I mentioned...

Exciting day! Polished Daniel's car!

WOW! The MirrorShine Polish really makes your car shine! We Shine when you do......

Shasha (my assistant) and her husband, Jali, started a car polish to your doorstep service with muah! Today, we did our 3rd car, and it is a pretty happy, satisfying feeling!

Jali said that Daniel's car took so long to polish (5 hours ok? From 1pm - 6pm or so...heh) because it had watermarks, lots of scratches, bits of tar stuck near the wheels and basically, could have seen better weather! After using the polishing machine, he had to rub out the minor scratches by hand using the 3M rubbing compound ( the best you can get for your car!) and after that, smooth out the minor blemishes. Thereafter, Jali applied a wonderful protective wax on Dan's car and vaccumed the interior.

After everything dried ( if the wax doesn't dry before the rain comes, it will just wash off!) it was a job well done and Dan with his beautiful wifey came to take pictures of the car! Lol. Dan is a
wonderful, extremely smart and philosophical a person, and the best part is, he is a great talker and listener!

Look at his company, and you'll be amazed to know that he has been doing this since University days! Very shrewd business guy, he is trustworthy, does exactly more that what he sells, and is fantastic all round! Click here and check out the company that he has and here for the most wonderfully happy site that I have seen, with Singaporean designers, writers and coders!! Hooray for Singapore! Hooray for Singaporeans! I Love love love Singapore! And that's going to be another story!

Daniel says he will email me the pictures... If he does, I will put it right above!

Scam Artists!

There is a big scam out there, and it has just gotten scammier! (If there is such a word) A low income person who is divorced will get a 2rm flat for $60 a month. She will then get a room rental agent, Alex, to help her get unsuspecting people who want to rent a small place in a good location. My friend was scammed. He paid $500 to her per month, and a deposit of one month. He also paid the agent half a month's rental. Sound like a scam yet? Well, that's not enough. Why get $500 when you can get more?

Reika, the divorced low income person who is supposedly very poor and very dumb, has her friends to start going up to your little 2rm apt at 2 or 3am to look for her. After one week, she comes up at 1am to ask for a $10 advance. You give her $10, then two or three days later, it happens again. You tell her not to come over without calling in future, but for the next couple of weeks, she remembers, then forgets all over. She comes to your house, in the middle of the night, tapping on your window for an hour because you refuse to open the door. She screams and sounds slurred. After all this harassment fails to irritate you enough to shift out, she stops paying her monthly rental to HDB for 2 months. HDB gives her a letter to quit, which is put on your door. You give her an ultimatum, pay HDB or else you will have to shift out. She tries to get money out of you again, but fails, so she tells you, " You have to shift by the end of the month, because I need to get another tenant to come in and pay me the deposit for me to clear my debts, you know lar."

Right, of course you know. How is this a scam? Two willing parties, and a perfectly legal contract that you are holding in your hands.

1) Reika is not allowed to rent the flat out.
2) Alex is not supposed to look for tenants for an unapproved flat that belongs to HDB.
3) My friend was not the first tenant that was pushed out in this manner.
4) Reika had a ready tenant, even before the ultimatum was given.
5) Reika would not refund the deposit, you can stay a month more, even though HDB officers might come and kick you out.
6) Alex gets his agent fee EVERY time he gets her a new tenant. So far, my friend is the 4th person (according to her LEGAL neighbours who have been lending Reika money because she refuses to get a job)
7) Reika gets an extra month's rental, as most tenants are freaked out by her antics and move out in the first 2 weeks or a month.

2 scams in one. So people out there, do be careful when you rent a room or apartment. You don't want to go to all the hassle of shifting all your possessions to this rented place that is supposedly rented to you for a agreed contracted term of one year. You might have improved the house for another Reika out there.

So where and which is the apartment in question?

Blk 104, Commonwealth Crescent #04-148

Be warned. This is not an urban legend. HDB should blacklist offenders like her and not let her rent any more low income housing. Guess where she is living at now? The next block, also part of the low income housing the government rents out to "deserving" people who stay there for years. The poor shouldn't stay poor, especially when they are under 30, is fully able to work but is too lazy to. In Singapore, you can't be so poor as to need to borrow $10, failing which $5, failing which $2. I think people are exploiting this scheme really badly. One of her neighbours rent the apartment for $60 a month, but can afford to send her daughter to Australia and go for expensive holidays. How many people who are staying in that block is really poor? On the contrary, many seemingly well off people are now the new poor, with their mounting credit card debts and failed businesses.

Perhaps HDB should review their criteria in selecting who gets to live in the low income houses. Or at least have a hotline for people to call when they find out that their neighbours or anyone is abusing the subsidized rental.

Trying the email to blog feature

Wow! This is really awesome, I can email from my Hiptop (Mobile Phone)
so this means I can blog from any where at all!

If only I can figure out how to rearrange my blog... Some posts should
come later!

Hmm, guess I will test around somemore!

Lezard in my tea cup

This is the front and back of my book, Echo of Leaves. It was a collaboration with a fantastic henna artist and friend, Lezard Cheung and Ong Wan Shu, a photographer. Producing it was certainly not easy, but it was really thrilling to watch the whole project fall into place, through the immense effort of Lezard, who designed all the pages and layout.

Available at $10 directly from muah, you can email me if you would like to
support a poet from Singapore!

It is strange how people start to drift apart over the years. I remember meeting Lezard for the first time as if it was yesterday. We were at a gay pub, and Lezard was on stage, singing so beautifully I was tearing. I had gone to Niche to support my staff, Desmond in his drag art, but instead of watching Desmond, I found myself looking at Lezard instead. He has a power stage presence, with piercing eyes and a voice so full of character... and sorrow that anyone watching would be rooted to the spot. He ran in to change his costume, but his butterfly clip was caught in his hair. He probably didn’t remember this, but Lezard, dressed as Anita Mui, asked me to help him get his butterfly clip out of his hair. It was one moment that I thought desperately, perhaps he is just performing, and in character. Perhaps he is into girls?

Being a little more forward, we spoke and I asked him out for dinner. He told me point blank that it will be great being friends, but he is definitely not looking for a girl. Getting to know him, I found he is incredibly talented, very organized, very gifted in every art related component, and for the first time, I probably admired him more than I had admired anyone else till then, as a person, as a role model. His persona being very loud and brash on stage, I had initially thought that perhaps he would be the same real life. Was amazed over and over by him, for he is intelligent, witty and well read. Everything I was looking for in a guy... except he wasn’t into me. Many dinners later, we grew closer and were able to become confidantes.

We went to Bangkok together with a few friends, and my, did the blinkers fall off my eyes. I yielded myself to another time and world. Bangkok was so different, so vibrant, and there, I met God. Not God in heaven, but God, a Thai singer and escort. But that is another story, for another time...

Now Lezard and I are no longer as close, but I still think of the times we shared very fondly.

I wish the clock can be turned, and I would have done things very differently and kept in touch a lot more. In life, we meet so many wonderful people... I am glad to have met Lezard, who helped me grow up and see the world differently.

This is Lezard...

Christmas is Singapore Island Country Club

Christmas was Great, at SICC
Copyright Zephyhdom 2006

I love love love love love Christmas, enuff said! It's my favourite day in the whole year, and I try to make it last... and last... and last... this year is a record though, I started saying Merry Christmas on 3rd of December 2005 and ended only on 30th December... which reminds me, I think new year is too near Christmas, I still want TURKEY!

Happy Happy Happy!

Cute yah, Mr Pinky, Blue and I. No prizes for guessing who's who!
Copyright Zephyhdom 2006

I love performing, and this is one of my Characters on stage, Sweetheart the ventriloquist! It is really fun and my puppet, Mr Pinky is a hit with all the kids out there... ( Actually this is the third Mr Pinky I am using, but fortunately, he looks exactly like the first and second!)

Mr Pinky says really silly stuff sometimes, and he makes up all kinds of silly songs as well! Sometimes he drives me crazy with his relentless parroting of EVERYTHING I say... but of course, the adults know I am a ventriloquist, but the kids think it is real...

And I try to keep t real for them for as long as possible...

I once had a 16 year old shout out in the audience, It's not Real, Mr Pinky is a puppet!

I asked how old he was and repeated, looking him in the eye, "The kids all know that, I told them Mr Pinky is my puppet friend!"

He retorted, "I know how you did it! It is a cd you are playing right"

Mr Pinky, at this point, cut in and asked, "What's your name? Are you the wicked witch of the east?"

That gave him a shock and he sat down to watch the rest of the show... real quiet this time.

I met all kinds of people, some really nice, some who want attention too...

There was a very naughty little boy who kept yelling "backside!" once. Mr Pinky said, " Do you know why I am so forgetful?" The kid shouted, " You got a hand up your backside!" I couldn't stop laughing...needless to say, Mr Pinky was speechless too.

Shows with hecklers are unpredictable, but it makes me laugh...

I get very upset with entertainers who scold children. Don't they know that a child will remember it for life, and have all kinds of emotional issues? Such entertainers make me really really upset, and I will never ever promote such people, even if my client requests for him.

Thinking of horrible people makes me sad... why can't everyone just be nice to each other, not get jealous, try to be better, etc? Life is so much simpler when you are happy.

Try it.

Recent Escapades

Face Painting at World Cyber Games - and got painted too!

Copyright Zephyhdom 2006

Gordon gave me a whole series of face painting shows for World Cyber Games and it was really fun! I painted all kinds of crazy designs, and I must say, the crowd was really open minded and had a sense of fun! They didnt mind getting painted even when the designs covered their whole arm. I painted abs onto one game character walking around, all in the name of fun. Stretching over four days, I only managed to paint on the first day, with Jane, an old friend of mine who was Primary Four when I met her. Life is funny, just when you think you will never meet someone again, they turn up in the strangest of ways. I first saw her again when she was Li Seong's girl friend, and at that time, I didn't really know Li Seong either. I knew his brother, Nique much better. It is strange that now, I don't get to talk to Nique much, and instead, Li Seong is one of my best and favourite friends!

Look at his abs! I painted them on, they are NOT real! That was really fun actually, and the very first time I got to paint on abs for anyone... so if you need help, call me! I have more pictures, but here's another to see the huge roses I painted on the arms of some of the ladies walking by!

More pictures can be found here!

Yeah! It's the NEW YEAR!

Mingling at Siam Supperclub on 31st Dec 2005
Copyright Zephyhdom 2006

It was a really wonderful night at Siam Supperclub, the people were fun and my client was fantastic! From the sound of her voice, I had pictured a older woman with glasses and probably not so enthusiastic about the pub scene. When I finally met Lynn, it was totally different! She is a babe, through and through! Pretty, model looking actually, she was fun and fun to be around. She got myself and Jane to mingle around, taking polaroid pictures of people, so that they have a little take home momento.

Jane was really gorgeous that night, and had many people try hit on it was so funny, as people kept telling her how familiar she was to them! Our costumes were really skimpy, fortunately, I came from a clown show, so I had leotards, a little top and a little skirt on. Jane put on my little top and little skirt while i had my leotards, so the costumes weren't skimpy anymore! Imagine tiny bra tops and tiny sequined and beaded skirts that left nothing to the imagination. I will never be able to carry it off... which reminds me, I have to start managing my weight better! All year around, I get fat and in December, I slim down because of all the shows. Since I managed to slim down again, I better start watching what and when I eat! Hmm, New Year's Resolution? Maybe, check that later.

We took about 100 polariods, and all the guests had a roaring good time, posing for pictures, dancing with us, and drinking.... alot! That new year countdown was probably my favourite so far!

It is going to be a fantastic 2006, I could feel the life charging through the air, and after I removed my makeup, looked a lot more normal, I tried to get a cab to Devils, to continue partying with my friends. Did I say cab on NYE? Yes I did, but did I get 1? No. I called the cab companies and tried to book a cab, to no avail, all lines were busy and my phone batteries (I have 3 phones with me) were in their dying throes. I walked to Clarke Quay from Mohamed Sultan, hoping against hope that perhaps, it would be less crowded. Wrong choice, much worse with hundreds of people hanging like bats along the side of the road, swooping down at any vacant cab. Disgusted and after 1 hour of trying to get a cab, I decided to walk, and this time, back down towards Devil's Bar. I was thinking of walking all the way, but a bus came and I hopped up, after zapping $3 out of my Ezlink card. It brought me all the way to Four Seasons Hotel, isn't that lucky? So after battling the hordes of people and getting all sweaty, I finally arrived at Devils. At 2.30am and my friends, being tired, decided to leave at 3.00am! All that trouble for half an hour of drinking and dancing. Was all that walking around worth it? Actually... Well, I got to go to another noisy crowded place to drink myself silly, and I got to see friends that I haven't seen in a while, so I guess.... Yes. LOL. Reminder to self for the next NYE countdown, book a cab early or get a friend to drive!

Tea cup Coffee Pot

When I was younger, I loved tea. I loved tea so much that I used to go to Takashimaya to smell the tea in the big red cans that they used to sell tea from. I haven't been back since 1995, when I started my own little company, Zephyhdom. Now I don't think they even have that level which they sell loads of things that were great to look at, but people probably never bought.

I used to bring the guys I fancied to that same level, to sniff tea with me. It was a kind of test, to see if they will share the same facination and curiousity about the world as I did. There was one guy, whoose name I only remember as Zhiqiang, who did share the same passion of life and fantasy.

We used to have little dates, on which he as well as I were too shy to really talk to each other properly, too shy to look at each other sometimes, and definitely too shy to even hold hands. It was a wonderfully cheap date, because we would meet at Takashimaya, go up to the fifth floor, look for the neat rows of red cans storing tea labelled as "Orange", "Lychee", "Peppermint", "Camomile", "Lemon", etc. Once there, we will take turns selecting a can and wonder where and sometimes even who might drink this tea. Then we will talk about all the possibilities connected to the tea and end the date at Coffee Club, where we would have one cup of freshly brewed coffee with biscotti. This would repeat itself after three or four months, when they had new batches of tea with even more exotic names.

Life's little luxuries were everything we had wanted, and more.

Everytime I get a little jaded with life, I would call up this little morsel of memory, and remember how I prided myself on still being innocent of life's mysteries and sordidness at sixteen. This little slice of my old life, as I come to view it, would remind me that the world is how and what you make of it, and to stay positive, as life is not so cynical that idealism and innocence is no longer valued.

Zhiqiang and I once held hands, after visiting and touching the graves at Fort Canning, when I nearly rolled down the small hill and onto the road below. He had my hand for what seems like the longest of times, even though it was probably 5 seconds or so. After which, our friendship seemed to have grown awkward, and we stopped the little dates that we would have, once in three or four months. How young I was, how different it will be now.

Zhiqiang was really cool, cute and charming when I was in school. I met him again about eight years ago, and he grew plumb, mercenary and ...


I wish I didn't meet him again sometimes, as I will never remember him as the dashing, romantic character in my memory, but the short, (I must have grown taller) number crunching bank officer he is or rather, was when I met him that one time on the streets. Reality can sometimes be so cruel to your otherwise pristine memories...


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