Exciting day! Polished Daniel's car!

WOW! The MirrorShine Polish really makes your car shine! We Shine when you do......

Shasha (my assistant) and her husband, Jali, started a car polish to your doorstep service with muah! Today, we did our 3rd car, and it is a pretty happy, satisfying feeling!

Jali said that Daniel's car took so long to polish (5 hours ok? From 1pm - 6pm or so...heh) because it had watermarks, lots of scratches, bits of tar stuck near the wheels and basically, could have seen better weather! After using the polishing machine, he had to rub out the minor scratches by hand using the 3M rubbing compound ( the best you can get for your car!) and after that, smooth out the minor blemishes. Thereafter, Jali applied a wonderful protective wax on Dan's car and vaccumed the interior.

After everything dried ( if the wax doesn't dry before the rain comes, it will just wash off!) it was a job well done and Dan with his beautiful wifey came to take pictures of the car! Lol. Dan is a
wonderful, extremely smart and philosophical a person, and the best part is, he is a great talker and listener!

Look at his company, and you'll be amazed to know that he has been doing this since University days! Very shrewd business guy, he is trustworthy, does exactly more that what he sells, and is fantastic all round! Click here and check out the company that he has and here for the most wonderfully happy site that I have seen, with Singaporean designers, writers and coders!! Hooray for Singapore! Hooray for Singaporeans! I Love love love Singapore! And that's going to be another story!

Daniel says he will email me the pictures... If he does, I will put it right above!



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