Happy Happy Happy!

Cute yah, Mr Pinky, Blue and I. No prizes for guessing who's who!
Copyright Zephyhdom 2006

I love performing, and this is one of my Characters on stage, Sweetheart the ventriloquist! It is really fun and my puppet, Mr Pinky is a hit with all the kids out there... ( Actually this is the third Mr Pinky I am using, but fortunately, he looks exactly like the first and second!)

Mr Pinky says really silly stuff sometimes, and he makes up all kinds of silly songs as well! Sometimes he drives me crazy with his relentless parroting of EVERYTHING I say... but of course, the adults know I am a ventriloquist, but the kids think it is real...

And I try to keep t real for them for as long as possible...

I once had a 16 year old shout out in the audience, It's not Real, Mr Pinky is a puppet!

I asked how old he was and repeated, looking him in the eye, "The kids all know that, I told them Mr Pinky is my puppet friend!"

He retorted, "I know how you did it! It is a cd you are playing right"

Mr Pinky, at this point, cut in and asked, "What's your name? Are you the wicked witch of the east?"

That gave him a shock and he sat down to watch the rest of the show... real quiet this time.

I met all kinds of people, some really nice, some who want attention too...

There was a very naughty little boy who kept yelling "backside!" once. Mr Pinky said, " Do you know why I am so forgetful?" The kid shouted, " You got a hand up your backside!" I couldn't stop laughing...needless to say, Mr Pinky was speechless too.

Shows with hecklers are unpredictable, but it makes me laugh...

I get very upset with entertainers who scold children. Don't they know that a child will remember it for life, and have all kinds of emotional issues? Such entertainers make me really really upset, and I will never ever promote such people, even if my client requests for him.

Thinking of horrible people makes me sad... why can't everyone just be nice to each other, not get jealous, try to be better, etc? Life is so much simpler when you are happy.

Try it.



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