Home of the West Wind

Home of the West Wind
This was my very first website, created exactly 10 years ago in 1996! Wow, that is pretty monumental, considering I created the site using notepad, at that time! Frames didn't even exist then, look at how far the web has advanced since then!

I was really young, but was written about in The Straits Times as well as magazines like Teenage already...all due to Cyberart, a term I created to describe turning the PC into works of art by painting on Monitors, Keyboards, Mouses and CPUs! I was on Channel 5, "Diary Of A young Singaporean"(D.A.Y.S) and Computer Times featured a huge picture of the computer mouses that I put on display on a chair, in my friend's booth at PC World....

This is quite a memory, and I will try to scan or take pictures of the articles I was on!



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