I love watching soccer

Yup, you read that right! There is something really fun about watching soccer actually... But I only enjoy the game if their are goals. I HATE watching games where balls keep bouncing off the goal post, defenders keep kicking balls away from the goal and attackers who keep losing
their ball too easily. (I've seen better in school soccer fields!) Imagine, 1 week ago, I saw Arsenal (lousy kelong team!) win a game, 7-0 against middlesborough. Today, it lost to Everton with a 0-1. How is that possible? Needless to say, I enjoyed the first game better, even
though a lot of people (I heard from a friend) lost loads of money on that game.

The most memorable soccer game that I watched was when Singapore WON the
Malaysian Cup
. After that year, they kicked us out of the cup, but who cares? S League was born! And we left on a winning note! I collected many books of soccer cards of the dream team that won the cup, and I have full sets, including the shiny metallic cards that are so hard to find. If you are thinking of buying a piece of history, email me or leave a comment!

I remember going to a game at Kallang stadium with my dad when I was 15 or 16... The feeling was absolutely incredible! The atmosphere was electric with anticipation, and Sarawak was playing Singapore. The Sarawak supporters brought their drums, feather head dresses, etc and we the Singaporeans, had the great Kallang Wave! And our "Ole, ole ole, ole, ole". That was so fun then... Fandi Ahmad, David Lim the goal keeper, Jang Jung, super sub Steven Tan were all my heros then. During that time, I didn't know anything about offside, foul or anything of
that sort, so I screamed with rage when Singapore players were felled by the really violent Malaysians, clapped with joy when we scored and yelled "Kelong! Refree Kayu" when the refree disallowed the goal.

What wonderful times... I went to a S league match a couple months ago, and was amazed more with the fans than with the teams. The fans were really dressed up, came with drums, had CHEERLEADERS and orderly fans sitting in a designated fans area. I imagined seeing them look like fans, electric of course, and couldn't help but giggle at that thought. They looked so neatly put their, in their beautifully barricaded area. I watched Young Lions pitch themselves against Japan's Nigata (can't remember how to spell their proper team name Albirlex or something, I
don't bet on football or anything, this is pretty good proof! Hehe, was really watching football coz I love that sport!) S League has really come a long way! But the feeling of togetherness, of being proud of our players has long disappeared in the packaging of our robotic fans, screaming and cheering for no reason except to "create" atmosphere for the other fans. I wonder if it would be possible to bring back that feeling of pride and loyalty to Singapore that I felt everytime I was at a Malaysian Cup game in the past.

Now I go to Devils to watch soccer, great beer, big plasmas and best of all, I can go dancing during half time!

Singapore Forever! Dream Team still lives...in my memory.... In this blog.. (Dun ever close down blog spot unless you give us a chance to buy our blog first ok?!)

Will see if I can take some pictures of the soccer cards I mentioned...



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