Vivien Goh

Vivien Goh
is a link to my poem, written as part of Project Equinox, "The EQUINOX,when the day equals the nights and the globe is in perfect gravitational balance, is the perfect metaphor for equality and harmony in the world. We therefore chose the Autumnal Equinox 1996 to launch a project to promote world peace through poetry, Project Equinox. "

That was about ten years ago... Wow, am really feeling very old today. I keep thinking I'm 27, but within the blink of an eye, I am actually going to be 29 years old this year. So scary.... where did the years fly to?

I was watching "i, Robot" at home (Chinese New Year lar!) when I realised that 2036 isn't really that far away... I will be 50 plus...then I started thinking that I don't want to die... I want to live forever. And ever.

How can I live forever? Pen my soul into the machines and hope that the site will outlive me? I must do something meaningful with my life (No, no matter what everyone else says, having children is NOT the only way to ensure your own continuity, and I will not have kids for that reason. I know me, I am messy, disorganized and can forget the time when I am engrossed in a book or working. If I have a child, he or she might not get the attention and love that he or she deserves. Anyway, there are so many children with no parents out there, if I do want a child in future, I will probably adopt.) I must live forever... can the scientists ever find a way? I am getting so morose and morbid here. Thinking of death is depressing, I am so scared of that final moment, where you are not dead yet, but can feel yourself dying, your life flashing before your eyes, thinking of those you love and how you will never see them in the physical form again...

I am scared, really scared.



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