Yeah! It's the NEW YEAR!

Mingling at Siam Supperclub on 31st Dec 2005
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It was a really wonderful night at Siam Supperclub, the people were fun and my client was fantastic! From the sound of her voice, I had pictured a older woman with glasses and probably not so enthusiastic about the pub scene. When I finally met Lynn, it was totally different! She is a babe, through and through! Pretty, model looking actually, she was fun and fun to be around. She got myself and Jane to mingle around, taking polaroid pictures of people, so that they have a little take home momento.

Jane was really gorgeous that night, and had many people try hit on it was so funny, as people kept telling her how familiar she was to them! Our costumes were really skimpy, fortunately, I came from a clown show, so I had leotards, a little top and a little skirt on. Jane put on my little top and little skirt while i had my leotards, so the costumes weren't skimpy anymore! Imagine tiny bra tops and tiny sequined and beaded skirts that left nothing to the imagination. I will never be able to carry it off... which reminds me, I have to start managing my weight better! All year around, I get fat and in December, I slim down because of all the shows. Since I managed to slim down again, I better start watching what and when I eat! Hmm, New Year's Resolution? Maybe, check that later.

We took about 100 polariods, and all the guests had a roaring good time, posing for pictures, dancing with us, and drinking.... alot! That new year countdown was probably my favourite so far!

It is going to be a fantastic 2006, I could feel the life charging through the air, and after I removed my makeup, looked a lot more normal, I tried to get a cab to Devils, to continue partying with my friends. Did I say cab on NYE? Yes I did, but did I get 1? No. I called the cab companies and tried to book a cab, to no avail, all lines were busy and my phone batteries (I have 3 phones with me) were in their dying throes. I walked to Clarke Quay from Mohamed Sultan, hoping against hope that perhaps, it would be less crowded. Wrong choice, much worse with hundreds of people hanging like bats along the side of the road, swooping down at any vacant cab. Disgusted and after 1 hour of trying to get a cab, I decided to walk, and this time, back down towards Devil's Bar. I was thinking of walking all the way, but a bus came and I hopped up, after zapping $3 out of my Ezlink card. It brought me all the way to Four Seasons Hotel, isn't that lucky? So after battling the hordes of people and getting all sweaty, I finally arrived at Devils. At 2.30am and my friends, being tired, decided to leave at 3.00am! All that trouble for half an hour of drinking and dancing. Was all that walking around worth it? Actually... Well, I got to go to another noisy crowded place to drink myself silly, and I got to see friends that I haven't seen in a while, so I guess.... Yes. LOL. Reminder to self for the next NYE countdown, book a cab early or get a friend to drive!


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