The Acrobats Upstairs

These are the wonderful acrobats from upstairs! I knew their troupe leader, Mr Tay, more than 8 years ago, when I first started off performing as a mime. (Yes! I was a mime before I became a clown!)

I was young, and a real innocent! Mr Tay showed me the ropes in the world of performance, and told me some very important "rules".

1) Respect each other, never bad mouth any other performer, even if their show is really, I mean, really bad.

2) If your client gives you a show, never go direct to their clients. Gives you a bad name.

3) Put artistes first, always pay them first and treat them well.

Ever since then, I have been mindful of these rules, and have tried to abide by them. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Mr Tay, else I will definitely put it up! In those days, Mr Tay was the most generous and warm hearted person around. He would take you out for dinners and if any foreign performers were to come to Singapore, he will play the most gracious host and show them Singapore.

His acrobats froms China are well adjusted and very happy in Singapore. Those who want to go back to China, Mr Tay very kindly sends them back. i heard that some of the male performers, having abstained from sex here in Singapore, go wild back in China, as the new rich. In the end, some of them end up having Hep B. I hope they get well soon, they were really nice and talented performers.

This is part of the group of acrobats that are still in Singapore, and I have watched a few of the younger girls bloom and turn into very beautiful young woman...

They are also the best acrobats in Singapore right now, but they certainly don't come cheap. One show can cost from $3k - $5k, depending on the complexity, whether props are needed or not.

In this picture, they have just finished performing for my company, Zephyhdom and took this picture backstage, at Mod Living.

I had a great time watching them perform their hearts out, and if you look at their makeup, I designed it for them!

To look at more pictures, do check out the gallery.



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