Wow Banner graphics!

I was surfing around when I found this whole bunch of banner graphics! Very easy to customize if you know photoshop...heh

The wonders of photoshop are endless, and it is probably my favourite program, aside from Windows( we need it lar! ), Microsoft Office, Firefoz Mozilla, Internet Explorer... Now what other programs do I use on a regular basis?? Aha, notepad and Spider (game that comes with the PC, I'm hooked!)

Anyway, this is how the customized banner looks like! What do you think?

Firefly Car Care Banner

The wonders of the Internet... found a lot of "reseller programs" while surfing...these people are really ingenious! Totally amazing that they can resell useful software and call it their product. You can find tons of these on the auction sites, and one of my favourite is The Stormpay auctions because I can deposit USD100 there and keep clicking till it is gone! :)

I usually don't like shopping, but browsing the Stormpay auctions are pretty fun!

Got to sign off first, still watching the videos on how to create your own website with notepad...hehe Somehow or the other, I still enjoy doing hand coding, even though it is much faster to use a program to do it for you...

Website making therapy, *big smile*


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I didn't see you at the Adobe seminar. I thought you would be there.

I recall seeing you at the Bidpay one a few years ago with your mummy!


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