Cute Cool Cat..alliteration, hahaha

Cute or not? I drew this myself...for The Fish Tank when we wanted to sell quick takeaway boxes! Looking at this picture again sure brings back memories! I think this cat looks abit like LUM, who is a great friend of mine...he is one really fantastic friend.... Posted by Picasa

Funny Animal Hats (Fish Series)

Wanna buy a fun hat? All the fish series is totally sold out though...heh... $15 each and if you buy in bulk, I can give you a discount! This hat is for children, even though I can wear it too! Elastic band at the back of the hat sure comes in handy! So this clown fish was sold out within 2 days of me bringing it into Singapore.

Dory hat....also very cute...

My Fish Tank Hat... all our staff wore fishes on their heads over at my fast food place, The Fish Tank. Unfortunately, The Fish Tank has since closed down... I don't believe in final goodbyes, so for all you know, the Fish Tank may be revived! I will post the marketing materials that I created for the fish tank one of these days... Posted by Picasa

I was on TV! Jobs for Juniors

From time to time, I get requests from TCS to be interviewd / to help for TV shows, and even though it is not paid / paid too low, it is fun to do! And I get to be on TV with my company mentioned...hehe pretty fun, especially when the crew is always nice and I get to meet all kinds of interesting characters! This little boy has always wanted to be a clown, so I gave him a crash course in one day!!!

This is him after I put makeup on for him! He was supposed to learn how to put his face on, so I put on half his face while he finished the other half!

His completely made up face... half by me and half by himself!
Really smart, cute guy....I wonder what happened to him after that TV spot?

That's the little boy in his clown costume during "graduation" where he had to perform for us...a lot of potential!

All in all, I think Jobs for Juniors was a great program that motivates children to learn more about themselves and their ambitions! Really cool TV for kids! Posted by Picasa

More Balloons!

This flower arch is really pretty, great for a little girl's birthday party! Best part is, the arch will cost only $180! If you want one for your own party, let me know! You can call me at 62782717 (Diverts to my hp number) anytime! My number is 24 hours, but if you can't reach me, do sms me at +6594503910(Calling phone) or at +6590609075 (Sms phone)

This little girl is so cute, isn't she? And no, she is not a model! The big penguin is $450 each and the small one she is carrying is only $80!

Strange, but it is only now that I realise the same little girl is in this picture too! She must have been so cute that I just kept stalking her to take pictures of. This is a cute giraffe done for SPH's Children's Day Celebration. This sets you back only by $200, and it is fun + visual at the same time! Can last up to 3 days without abuse and in air con. Posted by Picasa

I'm learning more about blogs!

I found this really cool blog thingy at Even though it is not as cool as (coz it does not support adsense or javascript), i like the formats that i can play with.

They allow you to create a blog that is very similar to a normal website!

Real cool, especially if you are the kind that like to have different stuff on different pages. My friend want to show me his blog at wordpress, and i realized that there are other blog softwares out there!

Very interesting...will post up my findings! Maybe I will create on for children, a word a day or some new site / pictures every day that parents can show their kids! Very fun!!!

Christmas Lunch in the office with Power98

I didnt know these photos existed! I used Picasa2 ( Google image management software solution , I LOVE LOVE LOVE how easy it is for me to put photos up!) and found these photos.

The girl next to me in the picture, wearing cat ears, is Gina, who used to be my assistant. Unfortunately, she got greedy and started siphoning money from me. She forged my cheques, got people to pass her cash during the show, and came up with so many ways to get money out of my business accounts that I have to give her credit for it. If only she will be so creative in getting sales in! Now she's paying me back...$100 a month...20k will take so so so long!

At least she is paying back, I guess.

Behind Gina in this picture is Lester, who also worked with Zephyhdom for a while. A up and coming performer, you'll see him go places! His brother is also very talented... and very interested in magic. I imagine he must be very good by now. For Lester, he is smart, sells well, and when he starts his own event company, I'm sure he will do very well!

Lester's father is very cool... he has long hair and owns a fishing shop! The whole family is really nice, and I guess I should try to keep in touch with people more often... Posted by Picasa

Some Cute Pictures of my Performers!

I Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove performing! My performers are such wonderful people as well! We have been performing together for more than 9 years! And I still remember the first time I met each and everyone of them!

Right here below, you can see Jingling (Angeline, also known as Cupcake the Clown) in yellow, Liseong (Sean, also known as Rainbow the Clown) in black and me, Vivien Goh (Also known as Sweetheart the Clown) in blue! That was a really fun show where we mingled around all over the ballroom entrance... The girls were known as Mingling Tables while Sean was a mingling juggler that night.

Very Fun!!! I love love love love love my performers to bits as well...

The below picture is of what we call the "Plasticine Men" who can be statues, blobs of colour and more! Very fun show, and during the Arts Festival this year, we will be doing a "Street Attack" on Orchard Rd! Watch out for us in June!

This is Kiki when he was a lot younger... full of ambition, drive and fantastic ideas, he now has his own company doing very super cool magical productions, props and effects for the TV and theatre scene in Singapore!

Do check out his pages!

Was just looking through old photos and thinking how lucky I am to have met these wonderful individuals. There are of course many others that I have not mentioned, but these are some of my main core performers that make up Zephyhdom, the One Stop Talent Source! Posted by Picasa

Renci Balloon Decor for their Gala Night

Ze Balloonz is a company of mine as well, and we specialise in large scale decor. However, we also do small scale ones! Asked to dress up the pillars, we opted to put flower cluster all around the pillar!

If you would like to have something similar at your event, it is just $80 per pillar with flowers spiralling up like below!
This was from Renci Hostpital's Gala Night! Lovely balloons for a great cause...They actually really give the money to their patients by provided free or very subsidized treatement!

This is a large entrance arch that fronted the entrance, also using Renci Hospital's logo balloons. If you want to print your own logo on balloons, it is not too expensive! Just $250 for 1000 balloons, assorted colours or one colour, you choose! The logo will be printed on both sides of the balloon, so that no matter how your balloon is being held, you can still see your logo! Want your logo to be printed on 1000 balloons? Email me! Or you can call me at 62782717. Posted by Picasa

Memories of selling Fish at Ghim Moh Market

This was my stall at Ghim Moh Market... Look at how neat the display is! Actually, it was really stinky, but we wore uniforms to look like Japanese Sushi Chefs... It was a really fun experience that otherwise I would not have ever experienced if I didnt meet my ex bf Kevin... We started a fish stall together, but alas, held on to it only for 3 months... it was really time consuming, plus the profits are not worth the work we put it. Part of the reason was probably the fact that we gave the lazy Tommy (in the picture, with a fish hat) $2k a month to sell fish. He would complain he couldnt lift heavy stuff, clean stuff, etc coz "I had an operation 10 years ago and now I cannot do all this!". He had an excuse for EVERYTHING and was really horrible. I couldnt wait for him to stop working with us. He was supposed to be a chef, but his food was inconsistent and terrible. There was one time he wanted to send out a horibbly burnt Fish and Chip, and I stopped him. Know what he said? "Ok What, knock the burnt part away then nice already."

I made him eat that plate of fish and chips...hahahah

I wonder if it was really "ok what"

Tommy and Kevin posing for the photo...u can see that Tommy looks VERY relaxed....coz he was! He didnt do anything except stand potenial employers of Tommy, be careful! He can sell himself very well, but can't deliver what he promises. We were also made to fetch and send him back EVERYDAY. Now who is the boss? heh. He also lies about the places that he had worked for. He worked for Raffles Town Club for 1 day and put that in his resume, without any dates, just the year...Very clever cheat.

Sorry to ramble so much about him, but I seldom dislike people. He is one person I detest, and get a physical reaction to puke everytime I see him.
Kevin working away, cutting fish and stuff.... look at the salmon...yummy!

The other strange thing is that after we stopped renting from HDB, the town council was still charging conservancy fees, and even sent out a warrant of arrest for Kevin for not paying. Legally, is that even possible? We no longer rent the stall, and yet we are being charged service fees? And when we are unaware of the error and have not received a single letter, we suddenly find out that a warrent of arrest has been sent out for Kevin. Strange red tape... doesnt quite sound so legal, does it? Posted by Picasa

More Pictures from my Birthday in 2004

My Mum and Dad are so cute, aren't they? I love both of them to bits! They are probably the coolest and nicest parents anyone could have!

My brother and sister... my brother just had a birthday and my sister's birthday is TODAY! That's why I got so sentimental about my own birthday...hehehe

I love birthdays...and in my line of work, I get to be part of so many wonderful birthdays that I think I am the luckiest person alive! I helped more than 2000 different children celebrate their birthdays already, and I am still ENJOYING it so so so so much!

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday Dear Phyllis (my pretty, wonderful, amazing sister), Happy Birthday to you...

This is a picture of Kevin, my ex bf and I in happier days... We are still friends, but those times with him were really memorable! It opened my eyes to so many different worlds, all at once.

By the way, food at Zambuca is absolutely divine. If you are wondering where it is, it is at Pan Pacific Hotel! Posted by Picasa

My Birthday in 2004

Wow.... I was looking through my old computer that crashed (revived the hard disk! phew) when I found these pictures.... They were taken when I was with my ex-bf.

First I celebrated with my family at Zambuca, then went to a pub for a surprise party organized by Kevin, my ex bf.

After that, when I got home, slightly drunk but still sober enough to remember my third cake, another surprise by Kevin, eaten with his sister and her bf, Randy.

These pictures really bring back loads of happy memories... First time I had 3 BIG cakes in one day! Posted by Picasa

Bangkok Trip (FISHING!)

I really like fishing...really...

It all started when I was a child... my Dad used to bring me along to alot of his fishing trips, but the most memorable one must be the one at the Kelong was I was 8 years old. There was no HOT water for showers at all, and actually, I didn't really want to shower.

In the end, we swam to a nearby island and proclaimed ourselves clean! I wish that was the end of the story, but no! My dad found a bathing hut and made us shampoo and soap as well. :( I hate bathing with cold water... I kept shivering like crazy and the winds were so strong...What I liked about the Kelong was actually the fact that I was able to land a 2m fish, they call it the Garfish! I thought it was something cool like the swordfish, sawfish or even the Marlin, but no, it is some local fish that people wouldnt eat, so I couldnt even give it away to the villagers there. *Pout*

Talking about not being able to eat your catch, My parents and I managed to find the fabled Bung Sam Rang Lake in Thailand! I was so happy that my detective work paid off. It seems that the lake is a very closely guarded secret, and only the guides will know how to get there. We managed to find out way there with nothing more than a taxi driver (160 baht only!) and a fishing guide who never appeared because we were 2 hours late, thanks to the horrible traffic situation in Bangkok.

Anyway, this lake is filled with giant catfish (I really mean GIANT! Look at the picture)

It is supposed to have giant carp, anaprima, etc as well, but all I saw was Catfish, Catfish and more Catfish! I was beginning to think that we are paying to feed the fisheds, and in exchange, all the fish had to do was get hooked, get unhooked and thrown back into the lake. Yes, this expensive lake (1000 baht, about SGD 40) is catch and release. People catch the fish and throw it back in, without even taking a photo with it! So strange. I ran up to the fishermen each time they caught something, but I was always too late, so here's a picture of me "battling" the fish...actually, you can tell that it is a posed picture, by the fact that the rod isn't bending enough. I tied the scarf around me like a sweater so that I won't get sun burnt... getting sun burnt is a real threat in Thailand! Actually, I can't find the picture with me holding the rod pretending that a giant catfish was at the other end, so here's one of me with my dad! *adore my parents!*

Anyway, there are more stories to share...till the next time I have time! I am rushing off to meet a beautiful lady from COASTES now... going to discuss Birthday Parties at Coastes, created by Zephyhdom!

Bangkok Trip

I had so so so so much fun in Bangkok! Left on Thursday and came back only on Monday...spent the last three days recovering from my Bangkok trip! Had loads of fun, went there alone but my parents joined me on Friday night till Sunday Morning.

It was a fantastic trip...Why?

1) Cheap massage!
3) Shopping
4) Boozing or bozoing...u decide
5) Cheap MASSAGE!

Oooh I love the massage. If you go to ACM Massage at Sukumvit Soi 12, you might miss the yellow signboard but you wont miss the storefront with 200Baht Only plastered all over. 200 Baht is like $8.60 if you want to be precise... The lady, "Oh"...don't ask me why her name sounds so "surpricing", I honestly don't know. I do know she is fantastic, and buy 10 massages get 1 free hehe. She was really amazing. I had this pain at the bottom of my foot for about a year. She prodded and kneaded till the pain disappeared! Apparently, my nerve was out of position, hence the pain each time I stepped on that part of my foot.

Yaay...I can walk normally and wear nice shoes again!

*Note to self, nice shoes = blisters. Nice shoes are not made for walking long distances, attempt it at your own peril, you have been warned!*

I was also caught in a Thaksin demonstration.I don't even know if it was pro or anti, I do know that everyone was waving flags and shouting thai slogans. I do know that they turn buses into toilets now, for I peeked into a bus, only to be horrified by the sight of ugly men peeing, backs facing me (Thank goodness). And how do I know that they are ugly? Their faces turned to look at mine when I let a big "eep, kortot kar" out. *Kortot kar is sorry in thai*

Will attach a picture, let you see! This is the demonstration!

I took a few pictures then ran back where I came from. It was scary. Imagine me munching on a pita bread and walking down a street that looked strangely devoid of traffic. Thinking it was a good sign and that I could breathe normal air again, I found myself in the middle of a HUGE crowd! Very scary but exciting too!


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