Bangkok Trip (FISHING!)

I really like fishing...really...

It all started when I was a child... my Dad used to bring me along to alot of his fishing trips, but the most memorable one must be the one at the Kelong was I was 8 years old. There was no HOT water for showers at all, and actually, I didn't really want to shower.

In the end, we swam to a nearby island and proclaimed ourselves clean! I wish that was the end of the story, but no! My dad found a bathing hut and made us shampoo and soap as well. :( I hate bathing with cold water... I kept shivering like crazy and the winds were so strong...What I liked about the Kelong was actually the fact that I was able to land a 2m fish, they call it the Garfish! I thought it was something cool like the swordfish, sawfish or even the Marlin, but no, it is some local fish that people wouldnt eat, so I couldnt even give it away to the villagers there. *Pout*

Talking about not being able to eat your catch, My parents and I managed to find the fabled Bung Sam Rang Lake in Thailand! I was so happy that my detective work paid off. It seems that the lake is a very closely guarded secret, and only the guides will know how to get there. We managed to find out way there with nothing more than a taxi driver (160 baht only!) and a fishing guide who never appeared because we were 2 hours late, thanks to the horrible traffic situation in Bangkok.

Anyway, this lake is filled with giant catfish (I really mean GIANT! Look at the picture)

It is supposed to have giant carp, anaprima, etc as well, but all I saw was Catfish, Catfish and more Catfish! I was beginning to think that we are paying to feed the fisheds, and in exchange, all the fish had to do was get hooked, get unhooked and thrown back into the lake. Yes, this expensive lake (1000 baht, about SGD 40) is catch and release. People catch the fish and throw it back in, without even taking a photo with it! So strange. I ran up to the fishermen each time they caught something, but I was always too late, so here's a picture of me "battling" the fish...actually, you can tell that it is a posed picture, by the fact that the rod isn't bending enough. I tied the scarf around me like a sweater so that I won't get sun burnt... getting sun burnt is a real threat in Thailand! Actually, I can't find the picture with me holding the rod pretending that a giant catfish was at the other end, so here's one of me with my dad! *adore my parents!*

Anyway, there are more stories to share...till the next time I have time! I am rushing off to meet a beautiful lady from COASTES now... going to discuss Birthday Parties at Coastes, created by Zephyhdom!


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

You didn't fall in the water?

What's wrong with your neck? It seems crooked!

Anonymous said...

Your blog was an enjoyable read for me.. keep the good info coming and I'll try to come back soon.

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