Bangkok Trip

I had so so so so much fun in Bangkok! Left on Thursday and came back only on Monday...spent the last three days recovering from my Bangkok trip! Had loads of fun, went there alone but my parents joined me on Friday night till Sunday Morning.

It was a fantastic trip...Why?

1) Cheap massage!
3) Shopping
4) Boozing or bozoing...u decide
5) Cheap MASSAGE!

Oooh I love the massage. If you go to ACM Massage at Sukumvit Soi 12, you might miss the yellow signboard but you wont miss the storefront with 200Baht Only plastered all over. 200 Baht is like $8.60 if you want to be precise... The lady, "Oh"...don't ask me why her name sounds so "surpricing", I honestly don't know. I do know she is fantastic, and buy 10 massages get 1 free hehe. She was really amazing. I had this pain at the bottom of my foot for about a year. She prodded and kneaded till the pain disappeared! Apparently, my nerve was out of position, hence the pain each time I stepped on that part of my foot.

Yaay...I can walk normally and wear nice shoes again!

*Note to self, nice shoes = blisters. Nice shoes are not made for walking long distances, attempt it at your own peril, you have been warned!*

I was also caught in a Thaksin demonstration.I don't even know if it was pro or anti, I do know that everyone was waving flags and shouting thai slogans. I do know that they turn buses into toilets now, for I peeked into a bus, only to be horrified by the sight of ugly men peeing, backs facing me (Thank goodness). And how do I know that they are ugly? Their faces turned to look at mine when I let a big "eep, kortot kar" out. *Kortot kar is sorry in thai*

Will attach a picture, let you see! This is the demonstration!

I took a few pictures then ran back where I came from. It was scary. Imagine me munching on a pita bread and walking down a street that looked strangely devoid of traffic. Thinking it was a good sign and that I could breathe normal air again, I found myself in the middle of a HUGE crowd! Very scary but exciting too!


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

More photos of Thailand please. Heh.


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