Christmas Lunch in the office with Power98

I didnt know these photos existed! I used Picasa2 ( Google image management software solution , I LOVE LOVE LOVE how easy it is for me to put photos up!) and found these photos.

The girl next to me in the picture, wearing cat ears, is Gina, who used to be my assistant. Unfortunately, she got greedy and started siphoning money from me. She forged my cheques, got people to pass her cash during the show, and came up with so many ways to get money out of my business accounts that I have to give her credit for it. If only she will be so creative in getting sales in! Now she's paying me back...$100 a month...20k will take so so so long!

At least she is paying back, I guess.

Behind Gina in this picture is Lester, who also worked with Zephyhdom for a while. A up and coming performer, you'll see him go places! His brother is also very talented... and very interested in magic. I imagine he must be very good by now. For Lester, he is smart, sells well, and when he starts his own event company, I'm sure he will do very well!

Lester's father is very cool... he has long hair and owns a fishing shop! The whole family is really nice, and I guess I should try to keep in touch with people more often... Posted by Picasa



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