I was on TV! Jobs for Juniors

From time to time, I get requests from TCS to be interviewd / to help for TV shows, and even though it is not paid / paid too low, it is fun to do! And I get to be on TV with my company mentioned...hehe pretty fun, especially when the crew is always nice and I get to meet all kinds of interesting characters! This little boy has always wanted to be a clown, so I gave him a crash course in one day!!!

This is him after I put makeup on for him! He was supposed to learn how to put his face on, so I put on half his face while he finished the other half!

His completely made up face... half by me and half by himself!
Really smart, cute guy....I wonder what happened to him after that TV spot?

That's the little boy in his clown costume during "graduation" where he had to perform for us...a lot of potential!

All in all, I think Jobs for Juniors was a great program that motivates children to learn more about themselves and their ambitions! Really cool TV for kids! Posted by Picasa



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