Memories of selling Fish at Ghim Moh Market

This was my stall at Ghim Moh Market... Look at how neat the display is! Actually, it was really stinky, but we wore uniforms to look like Japanese Sushi Chefs... It was a really fun experience that otherwise I would not have ever experienced if I didnt meet my ex bf Kevin... We started a fish stall together, but alas, held on to it only for 3 months... it was really time consuming, plus the profits are not worth the work we put it. Part of the reason was probably the fact that we gave the lazy Tommy (in the picture, with a fish hat) $2k a month to sell fish. He would complain he couldnt lift heavy stuff, clean stuff, etc coz "I had an operation 10 years ago and now I cannot do all this!". He had an excuse for EVERYTHING and was really horrible. I couldnt wait for him to stop working with us. He was supposed to be a chef, but his food was inconsistent and terrible. There was one time he wanted to send out a horibbly burnt Fish and Chip, and I stopped him. Know what he said? "Ok What, knock the burnt part away then nice already."

I made him eat that plate of fish and chips...hahahah

I wonder if it was really "ok what"

Tommy and Kevin posing for the photo...u can see that Tommy looks VERY relaxed....coz he was! He didnt do anything except stand potenial employers of Tommy, be careful! He can sell himself very well, but can't deliver what he promises. We were also made to fetch and send him back EVERYDAY. Now who is the boss? heh. He also lies about the places that he had worked for. He worked for Raffles Town Club for 1 day and put that in his resume, without any dates, just the year...Very clever cheat.

Sorry to ramble so much about him, but I seldom dislike people. He is one person I detest, and get a physical reaction to puke everytime I see him.
Kevin working away, cutting fish and stuff.... look at the salmon...yummy!

The other strange thing is that after we stopped renting from HDB, the town council was still charging conservancy fees, and even sent out a warrant of arrest for Kevin for not paying. Legally, is that even possible? We no longer rent the stall, and yet we are being charged service fees? And when we are unaware of the error and have not received a single letter, we suddenly find out that a warrent of arrest has been sent out for Kevin. Strange red tape... doesnt quite sound so legal, does it? Posted by Picasa



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