More Pictures from my Birthday in 2004

My Mum and Dad are so cute, aren't they? I love both of them to bits! They are probably the coolest and nicest parents anyone could have!

My brother and sister... my brother just had a birthday and my sister's birthday is TODAY! That's why I got so sentimental about my own birthday...hehehe

I love birthdays...and in my line of work, I get to be part of so many wonderful birthdays that I think I am the luckiest person alive! I helped more than 2000 different children celebrate their birthdays already, and I am still ENJOYING it so so so so much!

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday Dear Phyllis (my pretty, wonderful, amazing sister), Happy Birthday to you...

This is a picture of Kevin, my ex bf and I in happier days... We are still friends, but those times with him were really memorable! It opened my eyes to so many different worlds, all at once.

By the way, food at Zambuca is absolutely divine. If you are wondering where it is, it is at Pan Pacific Hotel! Posted by Picasa



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