Some Cute Pictures of my Performers!

I Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove performing! My performers are such wonderful people as well! We have been performing together for more than 9 years! And I still remember the first time I met each and everyone of them!

Right here below, you can see Jingling (Angeline, also known as Cupcake the Clown) in yellow, Liseong (Sean, also known as Rainbow the Clown) in black and me, Vivien Goh (Also known as Sweetheart the Clown) in blue! That was a really fun show where we mingled around all over the ballroom entrance... The girls were known as Mingling Tables while Sean was a mingling juggler that night.

Very Fun!!! I love love love love love my performers to bits as well...

The below picture is of what we call the "Plasticine Men" who can be statues, blobs of colour and more! Very fun show, and during the Arts Festival this year, we will be doing a "Street Attack" on Orchard Rd! Watch out for us in June!

This is Kiki when he was a lot younger... full of ambition, drive and fantastic ideas, he now has his own company doing very super cool magical productions, props and effects for the TV and theatre scene in Singapore!

Do check out his pages!

Was just looking through old photos and thinking how lucky I am to have met these wonderful individuals. There are of course many others that I have not mentioned, but these are some of my main core performers that make up Zephyhdom, the One Stop Talent Source! Posted by Picasa



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