More fun pictures of Free Cone Day in Singapore!

Fun with the staff at Great World City!

Little boy, Zachary, loved the laser gun I made him!

The Free Cone Day by Ben and Jerry's was definitely memorable. I've never eaten so much ice cream on one day! 5 cones! waist!!!! But you know what? TK said eating ice cream made him thinner.. look at this old picture of him in the press and the picture in my blog - he is definitely thinner! :)

It was very memorable meeting him yesterday...i hope he continues to live out his dreams...imagine having one of the items on your 10 yr plans really fulfilled after 15 years! Really amazing person.... years ago, when I first started clowning around (When I was 18 or so) I meet his staff, who interviewed me for their online webzine. She was very impressed with him (I had no idea it is the same person till I googled his name...) and everyone working there seemed really happy... now that he started Ben and Jerry's, I was really happy to find his staff as takes a good leader to lead and a happy person to infect everyone else around you.

The free cone day is a really wonderful day to me because everyone, young, old, rich or poor, got to eat this wonderful ice cream that opens your heart and brings joy into your life. It wasn't just the ice cream, it was the great people serving the ice cream. Even though the ice cream was not easy to scoop, and scooping non stop from 12pm - 7pm is EXTREMELY tiring, the staff were smiling and cheering each other on, don't stop, you can do it! Free ice cream for EVERYONE, with no discrimination.

To all the staff and TK, you rock! Continue bringing joy and happiness to everyone...Singaporeans should be happier people...Will update with a link to my other blog, where I can actually post up the entire album!

It was so happy and so fun!

The cow with TK Wong, a really cool guy who owns the four Ben and Jerry's franchise stores...he was extremely hands on and was working harder than his staff on Free Cone Day! They gave out so much ice cream, and I hope they raised a lot of funds for the Charity, Amazing Kids! as well...

Loads of people wanted pictures with the cow and I!

Cow and I are having a great time, eating ice cream as well! Here's to another good year to Ben and Jerry's! Hope to have another free cone day next year! Posted by Picasa

Photo Albums, the easy way!

You can check out my new photo albums! They are automatically generated, and the best part is, all I have to do is to create a folder, ftp pictures into that folder and it works, on its own! Very happy to have found it! You can check the acrobats out here!


More pictures can be found when you click on 'Gallery'!

Happy Easter! I Looooooove Easter!

Look! I made a blinking Easter Bunny...I really hope it blinks! My other blog, is still a little buggy, and I hope to fix it soon! The content is a little similar to this, but will have other features and pages as well! Do check it out if you have the time! Meanwhile, I am drying my hair with the fan...I guess this is a good blend of "natural air" and "hair dryer". Heh!

So much FUN! Bethdesdal Family Church Kindergarten

Very Very cute little boy who is afraid of loud noises! Very intelligent too, and he's not even two years old!

The birthday girl....she said she likes rabbits, so I made a big one for her!
Little boy who helped me out on stage...I made him this happy laser gun that doesnt work on human beings!

It was such a fun show...I was supposed to be there for half an hour, but ended up doing a 1hr and a half instead!

Fun fun fun fun fun...happy happy happy happy Posted by Picasa

This is the logo of my company.....cute? Einstein (A household name in Singapore now because of his involvement with children TV) designed this for me about 10 years ago, in exchange, I had to teach him computers and help him out with it! It was pretty good a barter trade, as he managed to bring his business to the next level, using phtoshop to "colour" his wonderful line drawings! Posted by Picasa

I look so cute!

Just found a really cute picture of me, taken by Alvin Teo Boon Keng...I knew him since I was 14 years old! He is a computer expert and has several companies doing IT stuffs...However, photography is also his passion, and he asked me to pose for fim, so I did!

Was a really fun day...did I mention that Alvin has a very cute, supportive, wonderful wife as well? He is one very very lucky guy, doing well in Business, at Home and everywhere else! Hope he continues to be able to do what he enjoys doing! Posted by Picasa

Skits we have created

This was a very fun skit in which three performers performed a half an hour show, complete with singing, dancing and games! Real fun!

This Christmas Skit is really interesting too, but unfortunately, it hasn't been performed yet!

Very popular last year, we performed at the Hyatt! Received pretty good reviews and a box of chocolates from the nice lady in charge! The chocolate from Hyatt is try it next Christmas!

This is probably the most memorable, with Lezard (Anita Mui of Singapore) Nique (Super band fame) and Sean (Fantastic friend, performer and singer!) Can you guess which character Nique plays? Written by Lezard and myself, this is a fun skit with a great message at the end. Heart warming, especially with the fantastic songs that were spoofed from Moulin Rouge.

Hope to be able to do more skits and plays soon! Posted by Picasa

Artistic Photo of Starry

Starry is so smart! It can say " hello", "bye bye" and "I love you!". So happy...too bad I sold Starry to my neighbour, but fortunately, my neighbour allows me to bring Stary out and to visit anytime I want. She does a better job of taking care of Starry (doesn't travel as much as me!) and doesn't mind cleaning the cage, poop and stuff.

So happy! Will try to record Starry and post her up! Posted by Picasa

I am at Singapore's NEW BUDGET TERMINAL! BT for short

I am flabbergasted.

Totally, utterly shocked.

Singapore's own budget terminal has NO computerized check-ins? I had to queue at one line to get my passport checked. I have to queue at another one to have my baggage checked and my boarding pass written on. Yes. You read that right. Written on.

Thank goodness I came here early! Two hours is the advised time, and you definitely have to come two hours early, with the checking in procedures. So dark ages, duh!

Also, you get a really tired M&M mascot greeting you from 7.30pm - 10.30pm. I feel sorry for the poor guy...will post the picture when I get back from flying on Tiger Airways to Darwin.

Back to getting a boarding pass that is written on. Next time I will tell Mum and Dad not to buy so many tickets. We can just buy one ticket, colour copy it / get a blank pass to fill up our details on. I mean, it has no bar code or anything, it is just a piece of 220gm or so paper with orange printing. Not the most secure boarding pass. OMG. I hope the hackers, terrorists and crazy bombers dont realize how easy it is to slip past sercurity. The most secure place is where they check your passport, but since passenger list is not linked to the passport checking machines, how are they to know who is supposed to be where? Add to the fact that there is free seating, it makes finding someone virtually impossible.

So budget airlines, and budget terminal, I know you want to be perceived as back packer budget, but PLEASE! I want more security in this age of terrorists and bombers.

Scary thought.

Very very scary thought.... Me blogging this out, hope someone does something about the situation, since Budget Terminal has NO FEEDBACK UNIT!

This is budget taken to the most ridiculous level, together with advertising a "walk to your plane across the tarmac" as an experience to see the planes "up close." Purlease.....

Oh well, time on this FREE INTERNET terminal is coming to an end, so will my post...

For those who want to travel on Budget Terminal and value your life, DONT, until security is put in place.


Me? I am just cheapo! HAHA....My mum got accomodations free in some contest with Tiger Airways, so she decided to get a one way free airticket for me, my dad and herself as well... do check their websites for FREE tickets..... and you know what? It is not just a gimmick, it's really true... the tickets are really really free... so you can go on that holiday you have always wanted to almost free. Wait. You read me say free right? So what must you pay for? Airport surcharge ($7 to international locations, lowest in the world at Budget Terminal) Petrol, Passenger Sercurity Charges (What SECURITY? I WANT A REFUND) and food if you want to eat on board. Will post more AFTER I actually get on board the plane! Wish me luck...hope I get back to Singapore in one piece...heard that there is a BIG hurricane somewhere near Darwin...

Fun night at MOS!

ME, Eileen and Garett

Went to MOS with Eileen Wee (Fantastic Actress, very very old friend, met her when I was just 19 and trying to produce a play. She was one of the actresses that I auditioned and I was blown away by her talent! The play didnt get done, but at least I met a very talented performer!) and Garett Lim (You may have seen him in Star Idol...he looks a lot better real life than on TV, so if he ever appears on a play, you have to come and watch! Talent + good looks + business savvy goes hand in hand with this guy! And girls...he is straight. You can find him on his website

Apparently Star Idol was pretty big on TV! I don't really watch TV, so it is pretty new to me! Hoever, after a bit of digging around, I found him on Star Idol. After meeting Garett, I found him to be very intelligent, witty and humble...Like Eileen, they both didnt let fame get to their heads and are as down to earth as you and I...

Anyway, MOS was amazing! Music wasn't really fantastic to me, and the speakers are not fitted very well, as in the sound wasn't as good as I thought it would be, being a sound bar and all, but the lights and the effects were FANTASTIC! The lights in every segment of the club is different, and the chairs were amazing...a lot of designer copies least I hope they are copies, as the clubbers do not exactly treat the chairs very nicely. Yours truely nearly toppled over a few times, sitting on a chair that looks like a tooth!

In the picture above, I had makeup on! Yippee...and Eileen was so kind as to come to my office to put it on for me...for those who don't know, Eileen has some kind of certificate in makeup as cool yah?


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