Fun night at MOS!

ME, Eileen and Garett

Went to MOS with Eileen Wee (Fantastic Actress, very very old friend, met her when I was just 19 and trying to produce a play. She was one of the actresses that I auditioned and I was blown away by her talent! The play didnt get done, but at least I met a very talented performer!) and Garett Lim (You may have seen him in Star Idol...he looks a lot better real life than on TV, so if he ever appears on a play, you have to come and watch! Talent + good looks + business savvy goes hand in hand with this guy! And girls...he is straight. You can find him on his website

Apparently Star Idol was pretty big on TV! I don't really watch TV, so it is pretty new to me! Hoever, after a bit of digging around, I found him on Star Idol. After meeting Garett, I found him to be very intelligent, witty and humble...Like Eileen, they both didnt let fame get to their heads and are as down to earth as you and I...

Anyway, MOS was amazing! Music wasn't really fantastic to me, and the speakers are not fitted very well, as in the sound wasn't as good as I thought it would be, being a sound bar and all, but the lights and the effects were FANTASTIC! The lights in every segment of the club is different, and the chairs were amazing...a lot of designer copies least I hope they are copies, as the clubbers do not exactly treat the chairs very nicely. Yours truely nearly toppled over a few times, sitting on a chair that looks like a tooth!

In the picture above, I had makeup on! Yippee...and Eileen was so kind as to come to my office to put it on for me...for those who don't know, Eileen has some kind of certificate in makeup as cool yah?



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