I am at Singapore's NEW BUDGET TERMINAL! BT for short

I am flabbergasted.

Totally, utterly shocked.

Singapore's own budget terminal has NO computerized check-ins? I had to queue at one line to get my passport checked. I have to queue at another one to have my baggage checked and my boarding pass written on. Yes. You read that right. Written on.

Thank goodness I came here early! Two hours is the advised time, and you definitely have to come two hours early, with the checking in procedures. So dark ages, duh!

Also, you get a really tired M&M mascot greeting you from 7.30pm - 10.30pm. I feel sorry for the poor guy...will post the picture when I get back from flying on Tiger Airways to Darwin.

Back to getting a boarding pass that is written on. Next time I will tell Mum and Dad not to buy so many tickets. We can just buy one ticket, colour copy it / get a blank pass to fill up our details on. I mean, it has no bar code or anything, it is just a piece of 220gm or so paper with orange printing. Not the most secure boarding pass. OMG. I hope the hackers, terrorists and crazy bombers dont realize how easy it is to slip past sercurity. The most secure place is where they check your passport, but since passenger list is not linked to the passport checking machines, how are they to know who is supposed to be where? Add to the fact that there is free seating, it makes finding someone virtually impossible.

So budget airlines, and budget terminal, I know you want to be perceived as back packer budget, but PLEASE! I want more security in this age of terrorists and bombers.

Scary thought.

Very very scary thought.... Me blogging this out, hope someone does something about the situation, since Budget Terminal has NO FEEDBACK UNIT!

This is budget taken to the most ridiculous level, together with advertising a "walk to your plane across the tarmac" as an experience to see the planes "up close." Purlease.....

Oh well, time on this FREE INTERNET terminal is coming to an end, so will my post...

For those who want to travel on Budget Terminal and value your life, DONT, until security is put in place.


Me? I am just cheapo! HAHA....My mum got accomodations free in some contest with Tiger Airways, so she decided to get a one way free airticket for me, my dad and herself as well... do check their websites for FREE tickets..... and you know what? It is not just a gimmick, it's really true... the tickets are really really free... so you can go on that holiday you have always wanted to almost free. Wait. You read me say free right? So what must you pay for? Airport surcharge ($7 to international locations, lowest in the world at Budget Terminal) Petrol, Passenger Sercurity Charges (What SECURITY? I WANT A REFUND) and food if you want to eat on board. Will post more AFTER I actually get on board the plane! Wish me luck...hope I get back to Singapore in one piece...heard that there is a BIG hurricane somewhere near Darwin...



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