More fun pictures of Free Cone Day in Singapore!

Fun with the staff at Great World City!

Little boy, Zachary, loved the laser gun I made him!

The Free Cone Day by Ben and Jerry's was definitely memorable. I've never eaten so much ice cream on one day! 5 cones! waist!!!! But you know what? TK said eating ice cream made him thinner.. look at this old picture of him in the press and the picture in my blog - he is definitely thinner! :)

It was very memorable meeting him yesterday...i hope he continues to live out his dreams...imagine having one of the items on your 10 yr plans really fulfilled after 15 years! Really amazing person.... years ago, when I first started clowning around (When I was 18 or so) I meet his staff, who interviewed me for their online webzine. She was very impressed with him (I had no idea it is the same person till I googled his name...) and everyone working there seemed really happy... now that he started Ben and Jerry's, I was really happy to find his staff as takes a good leader to lead and a happy person to infect everyone else around you.

The free cone day is a really wonderful day to me because everyone, young, old, rich or poor, got to eat this wonderful ice cream that opens your heart and brings joy into your life. It wasn't just the ice cream, it was the great people serving the ice cream. Even though the ice cream was not easy to scoop, and scooping non stop from 12pm - 7pm is EXTREMELY tiring, the staff were smiling and cheering each other on, don't stop, you can do it! Free ice cream for EVERYONE, with no discrimination.

To all the staff and TK, you rock! Continue bringing joy and happiness to everyone...Singaporeans should be happier people...Will update with a link to my other blog, where I can actually post up the entire album!



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