Skits we have created

This was a very fun skit in which three performers performed a half an hour show, complete with singing, dancing and games! Real fun!

This Christmas Skit is really interesting too, but unfortunately, it hasn't been performed yet!

Very popular last year, we performed at the Hyatt! Received pretty good reviews and a box of chocolates from the nice lady in charge! The chocolate from Hyatt is try it next Christmas!

This is probably the most memorable, with Lezard (Anita Mui of Singapore) Nique (Super band fame) and Sean (Fantastic friend, performer and singer!) Can you guess which character Nique plays? Written by Lezard and myself, this is a fun skit with a great message at the end. Heart warming, especially with the fantastic songs that were spoofed from Moulin Rouge.

Hope to be able to do more skits and plays soon! Posted by Picasa



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