Look! Sumo checking himself out

The cars we WaxWash are so clean and shiny that you can use them as a mirror!
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HELP! NKF and Blood bank issues

My assistant is from a family who is not well to do at all. You may even term them as poor. Their mother is undergoing dialysis at Strathmore, a private clinic that charges $133/- per session. They would like to switch to NKF instead, but were told that they need to either

1) Have household income of $2.5k (EXCLUDING her husband(with a regular job)
2) Put a deposit of $3k

My questions are:

1) I thought NKF is for the needy. How can they expect families to come up with 3k deposite when they are poor?

2) Household income : My asst can't work most of the month and comes in less than 10 times a month because as a filial daughter, she sends her mum to dialysis and waits 4 hours for her each time. Dialysis is 3 times a week. Why is she not able to use her husband's income as part of the requirement?

Also, recently, their mother was told she needed a complete change of blood, due to the condition of her own blood. They were told that each bag of blood from the blood band (THAT GETS FREE BLOOD FROM THE PUBLIC) is $300. They used two bags of blood, and were told to pay $1.8k for the blood used. This happened after they got the progress package.

My question is

1) Did the price go up AFTER the progress package was given out because they know my asst's family has the means to pay?

2) Why do they have to pay so much for blood? I thought the practice in the past was to donate back the blood that was taken?

All these things shocked me, as I thought these two organisations will help the needy.
It seems very inhuman of them to force someone who requires help to try to raise money to put down as deposit at NKF and to pay for blood that they used!

By the way, my assistant is disabled (she only has one hand) and she is Malay, Muslim. Aren't they suppose to receive more help from the government?
She has a very big family, and only her brother and herself are old enough to work. Her other sisters and brothers are not working, neither is her father, who provides round the clock care to her mother.

Can someone help her? You can call her directly at 90491391 if you can be of assistance.

Coach Event

The COACH event last night was really good, with loads of people staying all the way till 12 midnight! Wow. I havent been to a event that is so well attended with so many people before! Really fun....lovely Champagne...I didnt eat anything at all...just champagne and more champagne...heaven.....

Eileen, Ben (who invited us) and Maia
Look at the people! Still there at 11.30pm

Eileen, myself and MAIA on the red carpet...hehe

Eileen with Karl Ho who wrote a great column I loved to read...

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The love doctor

Dr Wei, also known as the Love Doctor, is found at www.meggpower.com ... He's a REAL doctor! Wow...Met him at the Coach event last night. I thought he was a DJ when I first met him, but everyone was talking about him being the love doctor....really cool guy!

This is Eileen Wee with Dr Wei...

Maia (Singapore Idol Fame) with Dr Wei

Vivien Goh (Sweetheart the clown) with Dr Wei

A cosmetic dental surgeon (Dr Kenneth Lew of Tanglin Dental Surgeons fame) and Dr Wei

Last night was really fun, with lots of people packing up The Red Dot Museum, which looks really incredible by night. Will be posting up all the photos in http://sweethearttheclown.com/the-drawer/photos-and-more-photos/

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Starry says Happy Birthday

Starry is so Clever! She can say "Hello", "Goodbye", "I Love You" and now, *drum roll*, she can say "Happy Birthday" as well! She will come to me when I wave my fingers at her and is very sociable! She doesn't bite and loves meeting new people, though she will be really quiet in the beginning.


Lovebird a nesting...

This is one of my birds, Chickadee! She's really cute and in this video, you can see her nibbling on paper, tucking the strips under her feathers. This is the prelude to her building her "nest" and soon, she will probably lay an egg!

I hope the egg can hatch this time...

She's a lovebird that has been raised by hand, so she is pretty tame and likes humans...

Will post up a video of my favourite bird in the next post... Starry is really cute too!

Mother's Day Special at NUDE

My mother and the murderer...hehe not really. This guy goes around sticking a knife at people and asking if they would like some meat. My favourite is the chicken and the lamb... Beef was a tad too dry and salty. They also had sausages, ham and more, but I was so full (actually, saving myself for dessert) I couldn't eat any more.

My oh my....the food at Nude (Meritus Negara) was FANTABULOUS! Fantastic, fatastic and fabulous. I think I am at least 2kg heavier!
Anyway, this was on my plate...yummmmmmmmm

Look at the seafood bar...

The DESSERT! My biggest weakness....the Tiramisu was divine and the chocolate fountain (very tall, 3 tiered fountain!) had marshmellows, strawberries, fruits, figs, apricots and so much more for you to dip with. I was really spoilt for choice!

Ah....I wish I could go back and eat some more! At $42 +++ it is a GREAT DEAL! Love love love love love FOOD!

Gosh, at the risk of sounding like a glutton, I'm posting the rest of the meal up in the next post! (I'm actually a gourmand, for those interested to know about my eating habbits!) Posted by Picasa

Yokoso! Japan Street Fiesta Highlights

10 Cosplay Costumes were flown down from Japan, and these Girls are modelling it! This is also the time that I found out more about Cosplay! Very interesting concept, and this really shows the pervasive nature of Japanese culture. First Sushi then now Cosplay! Heh. Yuan Yuan is the girl at the far right in orange, and she is a real cosplayer who has been cosplaying since she was 17 years old! Cosplay is actually "costume play", I believe... People who like certain manga, anime or computer game characters will take the time to sew costumes, make props, etc and later, take pictures in the costumes that they made. Really creative!
Next, I met 2 dancers from Japan, Showa and Shota who are very well known in their country. One has even opened Dance schools in Taiwan! Showa is the one in Red and he is teaching Dawn Yeoh her dance steps currently...

Michael is the one in white and he is Singaporean! Very passionate about his style of dance, which is fantastic... He can "Pop" and "Lock" very well...

Me in front of the Hello Kittty show...dressed in a cool shiny new costume! It is actually the top part of my Chang Er costume.
I had so many costume changes from the 4th - 7th May that I think it is pretty difficult to keep track of who I am, for the vendors watching the show :) You can see the rest of the pictures on my photo album at www.sweethearttheclown.com

Day 1 Formal Wear
Day 2 Causual but colourful
Day 3 Half costume half casual
Day 4 Full costume with another costume change in the evening to the one above!

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Dawn Yeoh is so sweet and so pretty!

Dawn Yeoh Spotted at Yokoso! Japan Street Fiesta 2006 with Vivien Goh the host
We were at the car park of the building next to Plaza Singapura when we took this shot. Dawn is a very sweet, innocent girl who can act, sing, dance and look pretty at the same time! Wow... I first saw her on Channel 8, where she played a blind girl. She looks so much prettier in real life!

During the Shishedo question and answer segment... her makeup was done by them that day.

Closeup on Dawn Yeoh.

You can find her on her own fansite, www.dawnyeoh.com Don't forget the "h" at the back of 'yeo" else I don't know where you will end up at!

The Show with HELLO KITTY was also very fun! Dawn loves Hello Kitty and Sanrio sponsors her with loads of cute stuff! She also love pink and is only 20years old. Gosh. I feel old...I'm nearly 29 :( Where did my good years go? Hehe...dedicated to making people happy! Now I feel better :)

I will be uploading more photos of the Hello Kitty Show in my next post. Also, it will be on the photo album! Check it out on my sidebar "Photos, photos and more photos" at www.sweethearttheclown.com
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Happy Happy Happy! I got a letter of appreciation from Safra Mount Faber... So NICE!

When I first got the letter, before I opened the envelope, I thought it was a bill or something...when the envelope was ripped opened by yours truely, I found, to my delight, a wonderful letter by Safra! So Sweet of them to send me a letter! It was such a nice gesture and so totally unexpected.


Oh yes. I promised to post pictures from that night... Will try to do it soon, I promise! :) Posted by Picasa

Strawberry Tall Cake!

Happy Birthday to Lyanne
(Opps! I hope I spelt her name right!)
She is so cute, and she's the darling 1 year old daughter of Mark and Libby! Mark is with Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore.... Hard Rock is a great place to have your child's birthday party! Good food, nice place, GREAT service!

This is a custom made costume, to look like you-know-what but because of copyright issues, this is the closest we can make it look! Don't you think it is so cute? I think it is very wonderfully made... I LOVE the SHOES!

So cute right? I love love love this costume! Unfortunately, as I was flouncing down the stairs at Hard Rock, I fell down as soon as I reached the pavement. It was raining and really very slippery...PLUS (get this...) the shoes are meant for indoor, which meant that the sole is NOT made of a material with friction. :( I fell a few more times later, after I managed to hail a cab without moving very much more.

When I got out of the cab to return the costume, GOSH! I fell again! Fortunately, I was hanging on to the car door!! hehe...If I am any heavier, I would have ripped the door off for sure!

Will upload the rest of the pictures that I managed to take real soon, but for now, the pictures are in this post! Posted by Picasa

Fun Stiltwalkers! So TALL....

Don't you think my stilt walkers look so cute?

Wow...He's carrying a cute little boy while he's on stilts! The boy is SO brave...I don't think I would dare to be picked up by a guy on stilts.

More happy pictures of the stiltwalking clowns with fun interactive props! Looks almost the same as the first one. Can you spot the difference? Posted by Picasa

Usher Usher! 2 Pretty Girls who are really sweet!

Did something for Hide again... This time, he wanted two ushers! I was supposed to be one of them, but I lost my voice after the Hello Kitty Show and didnt want to take the risk of having to speak but not being heard...so I got these two sweet, pretty girls to be the ushers instead! Stephanie and Joyce!
Me, in a picture together with Stephanie on the left and Joyce on the right. Notice I am in formal wear! Hehe I couldn't get the stockings on properly, and decided that even stockings must have a back and a front.... do they? I think dressing up in formal wear is more time consuming than dressing up in my cute costumes!

Stephanie and Joyce in a photo together. So yes, I provide pretty girls to usher for your event, but please don't expect them in a bikini or anything too revealing... wholesome beauty is what I prefer to sell, not blatant sexuality.


Was a fun day, and Purple Sage the caterer was excellant! They have great coffee... really good...hic... I drank SO MANY cups... I think I am floating....Coffee high...hmmmmmmmm Posted by Picasa

Tada! Mr Renoma himself, outside Scuplture Square in Singapore! Very interesting to see the man behind the brand, looking very normal and yet, he leaves a legacy behind, world wide.

The models, painted by Lezard. Look at the amazing details on the models. It took 2 hours to complete both models, but the result is utterly beautiful.

Lezard and his client...Lezard's the goodlooking guy with the white singlet. I LOVE Lezard and his work! He is a wonderful person who takes alot of pride in everything he does. Very perfectionistic, but thankfully not the type that keeps nagging other people to be more perfect...

You can see a closeup of Lezard and his artwork here...don't you think Lezard is so talented?
I think Lezard is incredible, and did I mention he was the one who brought me out of my shell and made me grow up? Challenging my boundaries and showing me what independence and friendship is. Going to Bangkok with him and a few friends was a great eye-opener and also for me, the first time I went out of Singapore without my parents! But hey, I survived and learnt a bit of Thai as well!

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Body art at Renoma's Gallery Collection

I drew alot of naked backs for this event, together with cats, rams and more! Don't worry, I will be posting the full album up at my other blog's photo album area, http://www.sweethearttheclown.com
The event was well attended by the various media owners, as well as Mr Renoma himself! Will dig out a picture of him in my next post. Lezard was the artist inside the air con area painting the models while I was outside, painting all the small stuff...

Next, you should be able to see the fabulous work of Lezard's! And of course, Mr Renoma, as promised earlier.

This lady came out after the launch of the gallery collection at Sculpture square, so at least I had more people to paint, while sitting in the sweltering heat outside. After her, the floodgates opened, and more people came to get painted! :) It was a very artistic event, done very artistically.

See you at my next post! Posted by Picasa

When I was young...just 16!

This is a very memorable video to me because of the last portion, right at the end...I was 16, had short hair, and was so unnatural! As plastic and blinky as a doll! Gosh...and I don't remember going to Wenhan's house with Yi Cheng at all...strange...maybe I said it wrongly? I would remember as I used to write a entry in my diary everytime I spoke to Wenhan...hehe silly isn't it? I was so infatuated with him! Since Sec 1 - Sec 4...I thought he was the most talented and intelligent person around...and guess what? Years later, I still think he is fantastic...he's got a French girlfriend that is probably very stunning, can speak a few languages, travels a lot....in short, living a dream life....

I wonder if my other classmates from FMSS 4c 1993 are doing well too...Sabrina, a really wonderful person, keeps our class together with reunions, class lists and occasional emails...without her, we would probably not have a intact, updated class list!

It is just so amazing how our class bonded together, as 4C is the only class I remember being in and loving to be part of. There were so many trials, tribulations but so much fun in the growing up process. I would not change it for any else in the world.

I remember my time in Fairfield...really fondly.

Carpe Diem!!!!

Eileen Wee looks fabulous!

Eileen looks fantabulous, don't you think so? And the best thing is, we did not doctor or edit the photo in anyway! I think she is so sexy...so cool... everytime I meet her, she looks different, and always sensational. She was really wonderful too, she came to the party, Cream where I was hosting and volunteered to help me take some pictures! Eileen in the picture below, was totally unprepared for my trigger happy fingers. Eileen looks great when she's more prepared. Before, you had her look sultry, now she is bright eyed and beautiful!

Closeup...she looks so perfect! The guy sitting next to us couldn't stop looking! She's a natural beauty, and really knows how to dress...

Next post will be my really fun night at CREAM, Safra Mt Faber! Posted by Picasa


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