Body art at Renoma's Gallery Collection

I drew alot of naked backs for this event, together with cats, rams and more! Don't worry, I will be posting the full album up at my other blog's photo album area,
The event was well attended by the various media owners, as well as Mr Renoma himself! Will dig out a picture of him in my next post. Lezard was the artist inside the air con area painting the models while I was outside, painting all the small stuff...

Next, you should be able to see the fabulous work of Lezard's! And of course, Mr Renoma, as promised earlier.

This lady came out after the launch of the gallery collection at Sculpture square, so at least I had more people to paint, while sitting in the sweltering heat outside. After her, the floodgates opened, and more people came to get painted! :) It was a very artistic event, done very artistically.

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