Dawn Yeoh is so sweet and so pretty!

Dawn Yeoh Spotted at Yokoso! Japan Street Fiesta 2006 with Vivien Goh the host
We were at the car park of the building next to Plaza Singapura when we took this shot. Dawn is a very sweet, innocent girl who can act, sing, dance and look pretty at the same time! Wow... I first saw her on Channel 8, where she played a blind girl. She looks so much prettier in real life!

During the Shishedo question and answer segment... her makeup was done by them that day.

Closeup on Dawn Yeoh.

You can find her on her own fansite, www.dawnyeoh.com Don't forget the "h" at the back of 'yeo" else I don't know where you will end up at!

The Show with HELLO KITTY was also very fun! Dawn loves Hello Kitty and Sanrio sponsors her with loads of cute stuff! She also love pink and is only 20years old. Gosh. I feel old...I'm nearly 29 :( Where did my good years go? Hehe...dedicated to making people happy! Now I feel better :)

I will be uploading more photos of the Hello Kitty Show in my next post. Also, it will be on the photo album! Check it out on my sidebar "Photos, photos and more photos" at www.sweethearttheclown.com
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