Eileen Wee looks fabulous!

Eileen looks fantabulous, don't you think so? And the best thing is, we did not doctor or edit the photo in anyway! I think she is so sexy...so cool... everytime I meet her, she looks different, and always sensational. She was really wonderful too, she came to the party, Cream where I was hosting and volunteered to help me take some pictures! Eileen in the picture below, was totally unprepared for my trigger happy fingers. Eileen looks great when she's more prepared. Before, you had her look sultry, now she is bright eyed and beautiful!

Closeup...she looks so perfect! The guy sitting next to us couldn't stop looking! She's a natural beauty, and really knows how to dress...

Next post will be my really fun night at CREAM, Safra Mt Faber! Posted by Picasa



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