Elections from a Taxi (Singapore General Elections 2006)

Sitting in a taxi every day made me the most politically conscious clown there is, I suppose. I sat in a SMART Taxi that uses NATURAL GAS as fuel instead of petrol on Sunday. The driver was from a well known RC with one of my favourite people, Mr Goh Chok Tong who was the MP of that GRC... He was one of those who will volunteer their time every day at the meet the people sessions that Mr Goh Chok Tong would have. I didn't realise that our MPs are working so hard for the people. Mr Goh Chok Tong, according to the taxi driver, will be at the CC everyday, rain or shine at 8pm to listen to the people and help them with their problems. He will be there till he has heard every person, sometimes up to even 1am! I was really impressed when I heard it, because I had always imagined the MPs would come to be seen every now and then at events or on TV. I had no idea it is a real job, where they listen to the common man.

In fact, why is everyone saying that MPs in Singapore are overpaid? They are NOT! Imagine, if there are alot of people needing help in that ward, 4 - 5 hours everyday of meeting the people does not end there. The MP has to write letters, reports and goodness knows what else. It is very much a full time job! If we are paying CEOs of listen companies so much more, why are we griping that MPs get paid way too much? I think they are paid far too little. Imagine, our MPs are all high calibre people who will earn so much more in the private sector, they gave up fortune for our country, shouldn't they be compensated fairly? I would be really scared if they are not given enough to sustain their families and the lifestyles they are used to before they became MPs. Before they were MPs, they have had high flying careers that paid well and their families were well provided for. Why should MPs be paid less? Strange. One of the opposition parties actually want to decrease MP Salaries! How can you do that? Our MPs have already sacrificed much of their time, energy and expertise to lead Singapore. How can you ask them to do it at the expense of their families? It is just not fair to do so!

I was sitting in another cab ( going very slowly because of the conversation ) and he was griping on and on about how the government is using tricks to get us Singaporeans to vote for them. Giving us money, giving us all kinds of fantastic upgrading programs, building us a budget surplus, improving roads, unemployment rates, etc. I can't understand what he is complaining about. All the stuff he was complaining about is EXACTLY the election promises that the PAP MPs promised to do if elected, 5 years ago. Isn't he happy that promises are kept? He went on to say that Workers Party is the new wave that will knock the socks off the PAP. HAH.

I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway, here's the coolest map I found on the General Elections in Singapore 2006. Check this out! Check out the map of Singapore, and the number of electors in each segment!

For those who are interested in knowing more, check out
The Full Story

I hope I don't get into trouble laughing at the Workers Party. Taxi drivers who are supporters...Please don't boycott me and refuse to stop everytime you spot me on the road....I promise to just listen and not laugh so wildly the next time I hear you say that the Workers Party is the new wave...

Anyway, I am in an uncontested ward, so even though I am at the ripe old age of 28, I have not touched a ballot paper yet!


Anonymous said...

i got talk to taxi drivers also, they vely funny one, keep saying no progress...nothing at all in these 41 years...then I ask them what is tap water they keep quiet


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