HELP! NKF and Blood bank issues

My assistant is from a family who is not well to do at all. You may even term them as poor. Their mother is undergoing dialysis at Strathmore, a private clinic that charges $133/- per session. They would like to switch to NKF instead, but were told that they need to either

1) Have household income of $2.5k (EXCLUDING her husband(with a regular job)
2) Put a deposit of $3k

My questions are:

1) I thought NKF is for the needy. How can they expect families to come up with 3k deposite when they are poor?

2) Household income : My asst can't work most of the month and comes in less than 10 times a month because as a filial daughter, she sends her mum to dialysis and waits 4 hours for her each time. Dialysis is 3 times a week. Why is she not able to use her husband's income as part of the requirement?

Also, recently, their mother was told she needed a complete change of blood, due to the condition of her own blood. They were told that each bag of blood from the blood band (THAT GETS FREE BLOOD FROM THE PUBLIC) is $300. They used two bags of blood, and were told to pay $1.8k for the blood used. This happened after they got the progress package.

My question is

1) Did the price go up AFTER the progress package was given out because they know my asst's family has the means to pay?

2) Why do they have to pay so much for blood? I thought the practice in the past was to donate back the blood that was taken?

All these things shocked me, as I thought these two organisations will help the needy.
It seems very inhuman of them to force someone who requires help to try to raise money to put down as deposit at NKF and to pay for blood that they used!

By the way, my assistant is disabled (she only has one hand) and she is Malay, Muslim. Aren't they suppose to receive more help from the government?
She has a very big family, and only her brother and herself are old enough to work. Her other sisters and brothers are not working, neither is her father, who provides round the clock care to her mother.

Can someone help her? You can call her directly at 90491391 if you can be of assistance.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Get her to seek her MP. I'm sure something can be worked out.


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