Mother's Day Special at NUDE

My mother and the murderer...hehe not really. This guy goes around sticking a knife at people and asking if they would like some meat. My favourite is the chicken and the lamb... Beef was a tad too dry and salty. They also had sausages, ham and more, but I was so full (actually, saving myself for dessert) I couldn't eat any more.

My oh my....the food at Nude (Meritus Negara) was FANTABULOUS! Fantastic, fatastic and fabulous. I think I am at least 2kg heavier!
Anyway, this was on my plate...yummmmmmmmm

Look at the seafood bar...

The DESSERT! My biggest weakness....the Tiramisu was divine and the chocolate fountain (very tall, 3 tiered fountain!) had marshmellows, strawberries, fruits, figs, apricots and so much more for you to dip with. I was really spoilt for choice!

Ah....I wish I could go back and eat some more! At $42 +++ it is a GREAT DEAL! Love love love love love FOOD!

Gosh, at the risk of sounding like a glutton, I'm posting the rest of the meal up in the next post! (I'm actually a gourmand, for those interested to know about my eating habbits!) Posted by Picasa



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