Strawberry Tall Cake!

Happy Birthday to Lyanne
(Opps! I hope I spelt her name right!)
She is so cute, and she's the darling 1 year old daughter of Mark and Libby! Mark is with Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore.... Hard Rock is a great place to have your child's birthday party! Good food, nice place, GREAT service!

This is a custom made costume, to look like you-know-what but because of copyright issues, this is the closest we can make it look! Don't you think it is so cute? I think it is very wonderfully made... I LOVE the SHOES!

So cute right? I love love love this costume! Unfortunately, as I was flouncing down the stairs at Hard Rock, I fell down as soon as I reached the pavement. It was raining and really very slippery...PLUS (get this...) the shoes are meant for indoor, which meant that the sole is NOT made of a material with friction. :( I fell a few more times later, after I managed to hail a cab without moving very much more.

When I got out of the cab to return the costume, GOSH! I fell again! Fortunately, I was hanging on to the car door!! hehe...If I am any heavier, I would have ripped the door off for sure!

Will upload the rest of the pictures that I managed to take real soon, but for now, the pictures are in this post! Posted by Picasa



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