Tada! Mr Renoma himself, outside Scuplture Square in Singapore! Very interesting to see the man behind the brand, looking very normal and yet, he leaves a legacy behind, world wide.

The models, painted by Lezard. Look at the amazing details on the models. It took 2 hours to complete both models, but the result is utterly beautiful.

Lezard and his client...Lezard's the goodlooking guy with the white singlet. I LOVE Lezard and his work! He is a wonderful person who takes alot of pride in everything he does. Very perfectionistic, but thankfully not the type that keeps nagging other people to be more perfect...

You can see a closeup of Lezard and his artwork here...don't you think Lezard is so talented?
I think Lezard is incredible, and did I mention he was the one who brought me out of my shell and made me grow up? Challenging my boundaries and showing me what independence and friendship is. Going to Bangkok with him and a few friends was a great eye-opener and also for me, the first time I went out of Singapore without my parents! But hey, I survived and learnt a bit of Thai as well!

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