Usher Usher! 2 Pretty Girls who are really sweet!

Did something for Hide again... This time, he wanted two ushers! I was supposed to be one of them, but I lost my voice after the Hello Kitty Show and didnt want to take the risk of having to speak but not being I got these two sweet, pretty girls to be the ushers instead! Stephanie and Joyce!
Me, in a picture together with Stephanie on the left and Joyce on the right. Notice I am in formal wear! Hehe I couldn't get the stockings on properly, and decided that even stockings must have a back and a front.... do they? I think dressing up in formal wear is more time consuming than dressing up in my cute costumes!

Stephanie and Joyce in a photo together. So yes, I provide pretty girls to usher for your event, but please don't expect them in a bikini or anything too revealing... wholesome beauty is what I prefer to sell, not blatant sexuality.


Was a fun day, and Purple Sage the caterer was excellant! They have great coffee... really good...hic... I drank SO MANY cups... I think I am floating....Coffee high...hmmmmmmmm Posted by Picasa



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