When I was young...just 16!

This is a very memorable video to me because of the last portion, right at the end...I was 16, had short hair, and was so unnatural! As plastic and blinky as a doll! Gosh...and I don't remember going to Wenhan's house with Yi Cheng at all...strange...maybe I said it wrongly? I would remember as I used to write a entry in my diary everytime I spoke to Wenhan...hehe silly isn't it? I was so infatuated with him! Since Sec 1 - Sec 4...I thought he was the most talented and intelligent person around...and guess what? Years later, I still think he is fantastic...he's got a French girlfriend that is probably very stunning, can speak a few languages, travels a lot....in short, living a dream life....

I wonder if my other classmates from FMSS 4c 1993 are doing well too...Sabrina, a really wonderful person, keeps our class together with reunions, class lists and occasional emails...without her, we would probably not have a intact, updated class list!

It is just so amazing how our class bonded together, as 4C is the only class I remember being in and loving to be part of. There were so many trials, tribulations but so much fun in the growing up process. I would not change it for any else in the world.

I remember my time in Fairfield...really fondly.

Carpe Diem!!!!



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