Yokoso! Japan Street Fiesta Highlights

10 Cosplay Costumes were flown down from Japan, and these Girls are modelling it! This is also the time that I found out more about Cosplay! Very interesting concept, and this really shows the pervasive nature of Japanese culture. First Sushi then now Cosplay! Heh. Yuan Yuan is the girl at the far right in orange, and she is a real cosplayer who has been cosplaying since she was 17 years old! Cosplay is actually "costume play", I believe... People who like certain manga, anime or computer game characters will take the time to sew costumes, make props, etc and later, take pictures in the costumes that they made. Really creative!
Next, I met 2 dancers from Japan, Showa and Shota who are very well known in their country. One has even opened Dance schools in Taiwan! Showa is the one in Red and he is teaching Dawn Yeoh her dance steps currently...

Michael is the one in white and he is Singaporean! Very passionate about his style of dance, which is fantastic... He can "Pop" and "Lock" very well...

Me in front of the Hello Kittty show...dressed in a cool shiny new costume! It is actually the top part of my Chang Er costume.
I had so many costume changes from the 4th - 7th May that I think it is pretty difficult to keep track of who I am, for the vendors watching the show :) You can see the rest of the pictures on my photo album at www.sweethearttheclown.com

Day 1 Formal Wear
Day 2 Causual but colourful
Day 3 Half costume half casual
Day 4 Full costume with another costume change in the evening to the one above!

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