Fun Night at the Martell Party! Fantastic Night! Rise Above!

The group of performers The whole night through, these performers performed their best and you can really see true passion oozing out of their pores...Because my performers enjoyed themselves, the guests enjoyed the show too!
Danny's Friend works very hard and has fantastic attitude! His poi is also fantastic, and he looks like he's really enjoying himself.

My wonderful stiltwalker, who got molested by all the girls trying to touch his crotch! Luckily, he was wearing jeans under the costume, anticipating the antics of the fun, wonderful people, happily drunk on Martell!

Ben Matthews who rises above the crowd and is a true professional! He's about to become a daddy in a week's time! Congratualtions, BEN!
Will add more photos when I can! Three Cheers for Martell!

More Face Painting!

I looooove Birthday Parties! I was engaged to do some face painting recently at a party at The British Club, and it was really fun!
Girls love this princess crown!

This gecko looked so cute on the face of this little boy...and he loved it too!

This spider is really cool....the first time he is painting his face, and he chose a really big full face!
This is the birthday boy...very handsome little boy who wanted a car on his face :) I hope this looks like a car...he wanted it to be cartoon... Posted by Picasa

Candy Giving Blading Clowns!!

We were performing at Paragon, and these two really cute clowns are the candy-giving, rollar blading clowns! Fran and Jaylin, both very pretty and both trapeze artistes!
Immensely flexible and acrobatic, these two girls are only 16. Despite their age, they have a kind of maturity that extends beyond their age. Looking at them clown around was truely pretty fun!
Happiness Chan ( and my two rollar blading clowns!!! so fun!
Don't they look so cute together?

Posing with a little girl...
Closeup shot of their faces! I painted them and they looked so different after their faces were painted! Posted by Picasa

Costume Fun! No need to change

For EventCom, I provided a costume corner and cake decoration competition1 It was really fun, and i have snapped a few pictures for you to look at! Costume corner is great because we put on parts of costumes onto you without making you take your clothes off! Cool, isn't it? What is even better is that we can dress you up within a minute!
Little Bee Girl...

Friendly Pirate
Sleepy fairy...

Hehe Afro 60s! This is my client, Lydia, by the way! She is a really fun, happy person whom I have known since about 8 years back! Amazing, isn't it? She used to be from Oz Event planners...who isn't around anymore, as one of the partners went bk to OZ....heheh truly Ozzie.... Posted by Picasa

Four Hour show at Pulau Bukom for Quest Promotions!

This was a very fun performance, with Eileen Wee and Naga as Hosts for the day! if there were more people, I think the whole day would have been more fun! I was engaged to twist balloons for 4 hours, but i was twisting so fast that within the first one and a half hours, all the children had at least one balloon! So, i took out my face paints! *note to self, bring glitter, ALWAYS!*
I happened to have two palettes of face paint in my bag, so i took it out and started painting, to the delight of the children! Soon, many faces, arms and any available parts of their body was nicely decorated! This little girl asked for a first unicorn! Look see.....

There... here's the pretty little girl who asked for the Unicorn!!! Trust me...mummy was very pretty too!
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Happiness Chan at Orchard

the Happiness Chan Mascot is commissioned by the creator of Happiness Chan to be made by my company, Zephyhdom! If you have a character that you want to bring to life, let me know! Just call me at 62782717 and I will be most happy to give you a quote based on your design....

Happiness Chan, LIVE! This was such a lovely Sunny Saturday! We enjoyed walking through Tanglin Mall (we were just getting to the car park, having parked at Tanglin Mall!) and meeting all the cute children!

happiness attempting to play the piano!
Happiness and a pretty lady from one of the shops! So fun! Happiness got to meet so many many friends! Check out more pictures at

I am also really addicted to the game on Happiness Chan, adventure mode...go and play, it is FUN! Posted by Picasa

Hair colouring and hair beading

Hair Colouring and hair beading
Hair colouring with gel colouring from USA

This lady and little girl has had streaks done on her hair and beads as well...

The colour gel is really nice, as you can use it to style hair as well!
This little boy has funky hair now...

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A Birthday Party that I did...

Fun Party That I planned

The party started with body painting, followed by my show for one hour, where I played games, twisted balloons, had a ventriloquist segment with my puppet bird, Mr Pinky and a bit of clown magic.
Look at the cute little girl! She's got two balloon flowers that I made for her to tie her hair up with!

She had so much fun on the play and learn gym center! This part inflatable, part gym play center is great for kids below 3 years old, because it is safe and fun at the same time.

You can see the full inflatable here, complete with a tunnel to crawl through and lots of fun stuff to play with!

The whole party costs only $1k, inclusive of 100 balloons, the play and learn gym for 4 hours,1 hour face painting and 1 hour Sweetheart the clown show!

See you at the next party! Posted by Picasa

My arms are dropping off!

I was at Club Med Bintan from 6th June - 10th June, a full 5 days! I guess I can never really relax, as I am always doing this, that and everything. Felt so disconnected from the rest of the world, because there was very little HP reception, and Internet was $20 a day if you wanted it.


Me trying to save money for massage....Massage was only $18 coz we told them we were GOs from Club Med.....hehe
On my last day, I took alot of pictures with the circus GOs, who were a nice fun bunch! Me with Rie...I started carrying one person, and look what happened to me later...

Polski jumped up....he was very light, being an ex gymnast representing Oz and of course, being so toned and fit from all the circus training!

I struggled with Yusa (hope I got his name right!) as he is very fit, toned and muscled, but 70kg and not as tall, so the weight distribution was a little hard to handle...There is a technique to carry people actually, it is all about balance!

I gave up trying to carry Giant. HE looked too heavy and too tall and phew! I think he was about 80kg over! So he carried me, lifting up my skirt in the process. I am so glad that I am fully covered by leotards!


Will be posting more memories of Club Med soon...haven't been writing for so long coz I was CUT OFF from the world. Having serious withdrawal symptons of having no internet for 5 days! Posted by Picasa

Rainbow the clown at Club Med Ria Bintan

This is Rainbow the clown with Rie, a talented Japanese trapeze artiste! Rainbow was teaching balloons in OUR on one session hehe

Rainbow the surrounded by two pretty 16 year old trapeze artistes form Singapore! So fun!

Rainbow with the rest of the gang! Posted by Picasa


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