A Birthday Party that I did...

Fun Party That I planned

The party started with body painting, followed by my show for one hour, where I played games, twisted balloons, had a ventriloquist segment with my puppet bird, Mr Pinky and a bit of clown magic.
Look at the cute little girl! She's got two balloon flowers that I made for her to tie her hair up with!

She had so much fun on the play and learn gym center! This part inflatable, part gym play center is great for kids below 3 years old, because it is safe and fun at the same time.

You can see the full inflatable here, complete with a tunnel to crawl through and lots of fun stuff to play with!

The whole party costs only $1k, inclusive of 100 balloons, the play and learn gym for 4 hours,1 hour face painting and 1 hour Sweetheart the clown show!

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