Costume Fun! No need to change

For EventCom, I provided a costume corner and cake decoration competition1 It was really fun, and i have snapped a few pictures for you to look at! Costume corner is great because we put on parts of costumes onto you without making you take your clothes off! Cool, isn't it? What is even better is that we can dress you up within a minute!
Little Bee Girl...

Friendly Pirate
Sleepy fairy...

Hehe Afro 60s! This is my client, Lydia, by the way! She is a really fun, happy person whom I have known since about 8 years back! Amazing, isn't it? She used to be from Oz Event planners...who isn't around anymore, as one of the partners went bk to OZ....heheh truly Ozzie.... Posted by Picasa



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