Four Hour show at Pulau Bukom for Quest Promotions!

This was a very fun performance, with Eileen Wee and Naga as Hosts for the day! if there were more people, I think the whole day would have been more fun! I was engaged to twist balloons for 4 hours, but i was twisting so fast that within the first one and a half hours, all the children had at least one balloon! So, i took out my face paints! *note to self, bring glitter, ALWAYS!*
I happened to have two palettes of face paint in my bag, so i took it out and started painting, to the delight of the children! Soon, many faces, arms and any available parts of their body was nicely decorated! This little girl asked for a first unicorn! Look see.....

There... here's the pretty little girl who asked for the Unicorn!!! Trust me...mummy was very pretty too!
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