Happiness Chan at Orchard

the Happiness Chan Mascot is commissioned by the creator of Happiness Chan to be made by my company, Zephyhdom! If you have a character that you want to bring to life, let me know! Just call me at 62782717 and I will be most happy to give you a quote based on your design....

Happiness Chan, LIVE! This was such a lovely Sunny Saturday! We enjoyed walking through Tanglin Mall (we were just getting to the car park, having parked at Tanglin Mall!) and meeting all the cute children!

happiness attempting to play the piano!
Happiness and a pretty lady from one of the shops! So fun! Happiness got to meet so many many friends! Check out more pictures at www.happinesschan.com

I am also really addicted to the game on Happiness Chan, adventure mode...go and play, it is FUN! Posted by Picasa



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