My arms are dropping off!

I was at Club Med Bintan from 6th June - 10th June, a full 5 days! I guess I can never really relax, as I am always doing this, that and everything. Felt so disconnected from the rest of the world, because there was very little HP reception, and Internet was $20 a day if you wanted it.


Me trying to save money for massage....Massage was only $18 coz we told them we were GOs from Club Med.....hehe
On my last day, I took alot of pictures with the circus GOs, who were a nice fun bunch! Me with Rie...I started carrying one person, and look what happened to me later...

Polski jumped up....he was very light, being an ex gymnast representing Oz and of course, being so toned and fit from all the circus training!

I struggled with Yusa (hope I got his name right!) as he is very fit, toned and muscled, but 70kg and not as tall, so the weight distribution was a little hard to handle...There is a technique to carry people actually, it is all about balance!

I gave up trying to carry Giant. HE looked too heavy and too tall and phew! I think he was about 80kg over! So he carried me, lifting up my skirt in the process. I am so glad that I am fully covered by leotards!


Will be posting more memories of Club Med soon...haven't been writing for so long coz I was CUT OFF from the world. Having serious withdrawal symptons of having no internet for 5 days! Posted by Picasa



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