Eileen Wee hosting Miss Bikini World 2006

Eileen Wee as Emcee
Backstage with Eileen Wee

One of the contestants in Miss Bikini World 2006!
I think the contestants were pretty good, except for some that needed lessons in deportment desperately. Their bodies were wonderful, but they didn't know how to walk or even, stand up straight! I wonder why they were not either screened / taught to walk. Some were models, so they were really outstanding. One girl is going to be chosen to represent Singapore, so I hope she learns how to walk and talk before she represents Singapore in the world pageant.

Eileen gets naughty with one of the contestants who challenged Eileen in a Pose War! Eileen wins hands down!

It was a very fun event, held at DXO last Friday! Today's Friday again, I might just pop down to support Eileen again... and oh...did I mention it is ladies' night? All ladies get FREE DRINKS! So go on down to DXO on Fridays... ladies night, free flow of housepour and non-alcoholic stuff!
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Vivien Goh As Emcee

I managed to dig this old video of mine out! So whoever wants to watch you can! Bear in mind that this was the very first Dinner (Adults only) that I've ever hosted during then...that was 2003! Time Flies!


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