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Aurora at Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses

This is Aurora! She's 6 years old already, and she loves to dance...she's incredible! Very loving and very articulate! Sociable and fun too...So happy to have managed to spot her at the Barbie Screening...Her Daddy, Tim, is the best Santa ever! Every December, he would be Santa and we would have a great time making lots of children really happy!

I called Tim today, and Aurora told me she loved the movie and she loved taking pictures!! She is so so so so so cute! Posted by Picasa

Mum and Dad at Equinox, at what was known as Westin...Food was great and we had a bottle of red wine too! A Cab Sauv from Argentina, 2005 ...They were eating happily...very romantic...then I arrived! That's my dad and I! I just came from an incredible show at Fort Canning, it was the Barbie Moving Screening! So so so so fun! I look like a princess...
My mum, dad and myself! My mum looks really elegant in a long black dress! Posted by Picasa

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Sharity Elephant!

I love love love love love Sharity Elephant! I've been a great fan ever since Primary school, and I got to be the EMCEE for his party.....his 7th Birthday of course, as he never ever grows old!

On stage with a little fan...hehe

Sweetheart the clown with Sharity Elephant

Two pictures that look almost the same...can you spot the difference?

Was so happy... Lagoon Events organised the show and hired me...wow tiring day also... 11am - 4pm non stop talking and performing with almost no break at all!

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WOW! Carrefour Celebrates its 43rd Anniversary world wide!

Balloon columns with numbers on top! This is about 8-9ft high, as the column is 6 fthigh already...
Another variation of the same column! Using only link-o-loons and the big 1m tall number!

The display team did the entrance below! Looks like life rings and waves at the entrance! The carrefour display team took lessons way back in 2001 or 2002, and they have managed to retain the skill in doing balloon decor! I did the course for them over 6 hours only! They were fast, picked up the tying skills and had great visualizing ability already... The first decor that was done after the class was amazing! They made an Owl all on their own....

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