Christmas Party at my Office!

This was such a great party.... we had performing friends over... after 11pm when most shows are over,this party was a great time for us to catch up and chill out over wine.

Very wonderful a way to spend the 24th! Each time a new person came through the door, we would do a count down, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I love Christmas! The only pity is that it is now over, and I have to wait one entire year in order to have Christmas again!
Shots taken at the party! In attendance was Ace, Liseong, Kiki, Kiki's gf, Jimmy Quek, Jimmy the magician, Welles, Rick and most amazingly, LEZARD!!! He came later, after midnight, but we still did the countdown for him...

We had turkey, turkey roll and chicken ham from De Mansion...the turkey was fabulous! Not dry at all, it tasted like a huge chicken! I wonder how did people first know that turkeys can be eaten...did they run after the gobble gobble and gobble them down? Hehe...

We all had a lot of red wine, from different countries! Erm... and after I went to sleep at 2am, they continued to party and drank up everything they could find! I wish I was a better host, but I was really too tired, and went to sleep after pan frying foie gras for some of my friends...

Yup. I can cook!!!!

Here Welles is in his element...palm reading for some of the guys at the party... I feel so bad that he has to "work" for he is a palmreader by profession, and a fantastic caricaturist who draws with BOTH hands!

Well, the party was fun, the fellowship among friends even better!!

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