Night light

Night Lights are very important to me... I never ever sleep in the dark for I am afraid of what the dark may bring... 24 hour lights always... at least for me.In the still
Of a long red night
The words kept flowing
Like bubbly Turkish wine.

Amazing spirit
Intoxicating sensuality
The essense of a being
So intense, so gifted
Sealed in a bottle
Like scented oil
Rubbed upon willing flesh
The rush so heady,
That the Day after memories
Glisten in the light of the morning

An eagle flys across the land
Alighting on whichever statue
He chooses.
And I wonder
In wonder
How many
Statues has he...

Worlds apart
In a heartbeat the craziness began and yet
How did we meet in truth?
Under the moonlit canopy
We walked and got caught
In a conversation
That i didn't want to end
Though it had to,
But I was immersed in the moment of light he captured
Wondrous beauty of lives of the world
Dreams of the seasons
In full colour.

and so it

18 Dec 2006 Posted by Picasa



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