Roy and Ali

Roy is the most amazing performer! In fact, I first learn how to clown around from him... and I will never forget the moment I first started....He came up to me and can mime, want to mime with me? And it was just like that, I had the opportunity to work with such an amazing, intense performer.

He's the one on the left, wearing black.

Ali is the most amazing person I have met...He is incredibly smart, articulate, in touch with the arts and takes the most beautiful photos I've seen, besides Ken Seet. Roy's a clown by profession while Ali's a clown by nature.. he is so funny, and he can see a situation in a totally different light... that makes you laugh at his descriptions....

Roy and I in Rouge, where John Molina performs at currently....John is a great musician and I love love love him! He is a wonderful person who cares alot about his friends...I love his music too, did I mention that?

Ali and I....serious and funny with serious and funny....yup, in real life, I'm funny (I'm a clown) but pretty serious a person! While Ali is serious but pretty funny...

He was so nice to send me back even though I kept clamouring to take a cab home myself...

-21st Dec 2006 Posted by Picasa



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