The Martell Rise Above Party was amazing. Held at the Red Dot Museum, my acrobats did 4 sets of 10mins throughout the night, and they were really amazing! Going up and down the red cloths, they did an array of stunts while hitched up, climbing up and down the thin sheets of silk.

Really fun night, and the event organisers Event Gurus were great as usual, making sure that the guests were always entertained with a pool competition, chill out music and loads of beautiful "party girls'.
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Plasticing around

Look at our wonderful colours for our Plasticine Man / Woman now.... I'm the shorter fatter one heh...

It was really fun, and we were able to make alot of people laugh... the plasticine man is the most versatile mime as you are really like a blob of plasticine, moulding yourself to different shapes and positions...

We had so much fun, performing at "A Night of a thousand stars" with Stagewerkz. I must say, their staging was really cool, it was a 40ft stage!

We have another layer underneath our costume, so the shapes and bumps on our bodies are not so apparent... so many asked if I was male or female!

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my long lost secret admirer for 13 years found in dragonfly

my long lost secret admirer for 13th year found in dragonfly Side view! It was so surprising to have met him again, after so many years.... 13 years to be exact!
He looks better than what I remembered... I had just finished an Emcee show, for Shanghai Night and went to Station Kitchen at St James for a quick bite or two... then I went to Dragonfly and met him there!

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Balloon Igloo

I made this balloon igloo.... looks really cool, and the kids loved sitting inside! This igloo was made for OCBC, for Lagoon Events.

Look at the ocbc staff dressing up for the kids from the homes! It was a very fun party with lots of little foam balls all over! Posted by Picasa

All Tied Up!!

Belly Dancer and Instructor, Natasha and I! I suddenly went for the neck tie look, which I am pretty fond of at the moment. The neck tie is only $2 from Daiso in Vivo City!

Picture taken myself, so you can see a part of my hand! Natasha is a wonderful teacher and me if you would like to have her for your party!

I was emceeing for Swanson's Plastic (For Rapture Events) and I was dressed up for the Casino Theme ala school girl kind of look!
Here's the full getup, complete with my favourite boots which are really fun to wear and comfortable...

I think I am going to buy more boots after this season! Posted by Picasa


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