Jasper's 5th Birthday

Jasper is 5!

This was an animal party, but the kids were well behaved and really fun! Jasper is Marie's son, and it is a funny story how I met Marie. Marie and I were working at Pacific Internet - I was a tech support, the first temp they ever had! I can't remember what Marie was doing, but she was definitely a techie! At that time, Pacific Internet was small and close knit, they had just bought over Tech net, and was starting to expand. On my floor, I must have gotten to know every single person there...it was really fun!

But I digress... Marie is amazing...she still looks the same as 11 years ago, even after one boy, Jasper 5 years old and one more on the way!

I like the pre-school uniform that they have....

Look at the Animal Cake!!! It is gorgeous... if you need help booking a cake, email me... I get 10% off, which offsets the delivery charges!

The leaning tower of cards!
Check out their card tower... really small isn't it?

After the "makeover" with tea cups!The team building excercise was really fun, it got the different people to really step up and create, it bonded the group members and the results speak for themselves!The day that followed was a motivational talk by Dr Andrew Goh, towards profitability and high performance! It was a fun, enriching seminar that was held at Gallery Hotel. Gallery Hotel is a great place for seminars! For only $50+++ You get the whole day at their function room, two tea breaks and a fantastic semi buffet lunch. Not to mention fabulous service that was intuitive and fast.
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Team Building with Acclaim

This was one of the team builing excercises that we had that really got the creative juices flowing! Just watch the amazing card towers that were created, the criteria being that the two paper plates had to be featured in the castle somewhere, and the tower had to be as tall as possible!

Some were stable...
Some were indeed very tall...
Some were made tall with a single card

Wait till you see the next pictures, the group actually used the teacups on the table as a base, but unfortunately, their cards were folded really small!

Dinner with Eileen, Judith, Bob and Friend

Fun Night Out Eileen and Bob,the sailor man and wanna be clown! Eileen Wee is so beautiful, especially tonight! Bob was funny, and engaging, really fun person who sails. Imagine sailing on the high seas, away from the maddening crowd for 10 days! Have fun, Bob!
Judith looking gorgeous...
Judith and Eileen Wee!
Myself with Eileen... I saw Eileen hosting a dinner and dance the other day, it was amazing to watch her work!!!


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