Dinner with Eileen, Judith, Bob and Friend

Fun Night Out Eileen and Bob,the sailor man and wanna be clown! Eileen Wee is so beautiful, especially tonight! Bob was funny, and engaging, really fun person who sails. Imagine sailing on the high seas, away from the maddening crowd for 10 days! Have fun, Bob!
Judith looking gorgeous...
Judith and Eileen Wee!
Myself with Eileen... I saw Eileen hosting a dinner and dance the other day, it was amazing to watch her work!!!


Gemini extremist said...

Hello Dear! Nice of you to post photos of our little get-together.. Unfotunately despite numberous tries hor, still didn't manage to see our nice pictures (guess my laptop just don't click with your blog which don't click with my face ha ha) don't mind, if you free just forward the photos to judith_thl@hotmail.com. For good memories in years to come mah!! :)


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