Jasper's 5th Birthday

Jasper is 5!

This was an animal party, but the kids were well behaved and really fun! Jasper is Marie's son, and it is a funny story how I met Marie. Marie and I were working at Pacific Internet - I was a tech support, the first temp they ever had! I can't remember what Marie was doing, but she was definitely a techie! At that time, Pacific Internet was small and close knit, they had just bought over Tech net, and was starting to expand. On my floor, I must have gotten to know every single person there...it was really fun!

But I digress... Marie is amazing...she still looks the same as 11 years ago, even after one boy, Jasper 5 years old and one more on the way!

I like the pre-school uniform that they have....

Look at the Animal Cake!!! It is gorgeous... if you need help booking a cake, email me... I get 10% off, which offsets the delivery charges!



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